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For all its flaws, the world is ravishing, colourful and exciting. We travel to immerse in its countless cultures, witness its wonders, learn its history and even feel its pain. We travel to become better people. We travel to help make the world a better place for locals to live in and for travellers to enjoy.
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Katerina & Maria

This photo shows Katerina and Maria leaning against their Fiat 500 under a glorious sky somewhere in the countryside of Puglia Italy. We are both smiling and super happy to be road tripping across our favourite country and this is why we chose this photo to welcome you all to our homepage It's All Trip To Me!

Feel the cool touch of sunkissed whitewashed walls contrasting with the deep blue of the enchantress sea as the mesmerising scents of herbs and jasmine fill your soul with sweetness and warmth.
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This image shows the traditional old port of Naoussa in Paros Greece. This photo is the cover of Greece as a destination.

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This image shows two photos side by side. From left to right, the first photo shows a wooden door of a traditional house and the second one shows a close-up of pebbles on a beach. Both photos are taken in Andros Greece. This image is the cover of our buy prints section.

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This image shows the Sahara desert in Morocco. It's the cover image of Travel Photography

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This image shows the windmills during sunset in Amorgos Greece. It's the cover image of Blog.