This photo shows Katerina and Maria posing happily in front of their Fiat 500. They have pulled over at a countryside road in Puglia Italy. It is a fine day. In the background, we can see the Adriatic Sea. Welcome to the home page of It's all trip to me, our website which aims to inspire people with full time jobs to travel more.

Hi! We are Katerina and Maria, two part-time yet passionate world travellers on a mission to help you make your dream trips come true!
Currently based in our hometown Athens Greece, we’re here to inspire you to get out there and see the world one trip at a time!

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We’ve been travelling the world together while working full time jobs for over a decade now.
The more we travel, the more we want to travel so we’d never let our day jobs ruin our dream to see the world.
That’s why we became the best part-time travellers!
Throughout the years, we have come to realise that you don’t need all the time in the world to travel.
All you have to do is learn how to make the most of your vacation time and you’re good to go! Literally.
Don’t know where to start?
Check out our ultimate guide on how we manage to make time to see the world while working full time day jobs now!

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It’s no secret that we LOVE travel and everything that comes with it.
The excitement of visiting a new place.
The warmth in our hearts when we return to a beloved destination.
That priceless feeling that we become better people with every trip we take.

This is why we really want to help all of you travel more too. 
Regardless of how many vacation days you have, in this website you will find inspiration for your short or longer trips.
Ranging from day trips to 2-week-long travels, our itineraries are sure to make you book your flights and pack your bags ASAP!
Check out some of our top picks now!

If you have 2-3 days...
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If you have 5-7 days...
This is a panoramic photo of Istanbul at sunset with overlay text that reads: Istanbul Guide.
If you have 10-15 days...
This is a photo of Nilaveli Beach in Sri Lanka with Overlay text that reads Sri Lanka guide

We’ll never stop to travel until we’ve seen as much of this beautiful world as possible. 
We hope you’ll join us on our trips and, who knows, we may have a glass of wine or two with you somewhere in the world one day.

Until then, Happy Travels and don’t forget:
If it’s all trip to us, it can also be to you!


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