Sustainable Travel
With Us

Slow Travel

Slow travel enables you to be immersed in local cultures, support local communities and protect the environment by flying less and walking, driving and using trains or ferries more.

Local Economies

You can support local economies in practice by choosing family-run businesses, opting for authentic experiences led by locals and favouring small boutique hotels over short-term rentals.

Animal Welfare

Caring for animals is all about not using them for entertainment, sports or transport while going vegetarian or vegan is the grandest gesture of love towards animals and the environment.

Hi, We’re Katerina & Maria!

We travel with a passion to unveil the most authentic experiences, feeling no urge to count countries but with a fervent wish to live in them instead.

Since October 2023, we’ve been travelling slowly through Europe, getting to know the destinations we’re visiting in depth to publish the most comprehensive guides on this website, alongside informative and inspiring videos on our YouTube travel channel.

We hope our content helps you experience Europe – and beyond – in a more immersive and meaningful way.

We Know Greece By Heart!

Oh, did we mention that we’re Greek?

Born and raised in Athens, we know our country quite well.

With mass tourism threatening some of the most priceless destinations in our home country, we feel that now is the time to start making responsible travel decisions when planning a trip to Greece.

City Itineraries

Slow travel is easier said than done, right?

We understand that most of you have limited vacation time and you try to squeeze as many destinations as possible in the same trip.

Yet, we’d advise you to take a step back and spend more time in fewer places instead, thus enjoying a more immersive travel experience.

As a response to modern travel trends, such as the 24-hour trips abroad that are currently swarming all over social media, we’ve put together comprehensive three- to five-day itineraries to capitals and major cities across Europe.

Here’s a small sample: