About our travel blog

Our baby travel blog was born out of our desire to record the moments we hold dearest: our travels. However, we never saw it as a simple journal of sorts. Our ultimate goal is to help people with full-time jobs, like ourselves, realise that travel can easily fit around their 9-5. We love to travel and we would definitely embrace the idea of travelling the world full-time but since this is not an option (yet), we are doing our best to travel as much as we can and see the world one trip at a time. This is what we want to see all of you do as well. And we’re here to show you how.

First of all, if you want to travel, you need to reserve all of your vacation time for it. That’s what we do. We try to spend all our vacation days (25/year), public holidays and as many weekends as possible on the road. Every year we plan our big trip, as we like to call it, which consists of two weeks exploring some place new abroad. In the summer, in August specifically, we spend about 10 days on the Greek Islands (usually in Andros, one of our favourites) recharging our batteries. The rest of our trips are shorter ones, either abroad or in Greece. Our goal is to be able to take a trip, even a simple weekend getaway, once a month.

Read all about Andros, our favourite Greek Island, here!

The second important factor for successful part-time travel is planning ahead. Part-time travelling, fascinating and wonderful as it may be, takes a lot of careful and time-consuming planning. When you travel on a tight schedule, it’s important to have almost everything already planned out before you reach your destination. Once there, no valuable time should be wasted. However, some people may not have time for such thorough planning. That’s where this website comes in. It aims to help fellow part-time travellers find inspiration as well as practical information for their own travels.

Last but not least, everyone should try to incorporate travel in their every-day lives, just like we do in our hometown. There is always something new and exciting for us in Athens because we keep seeing it through the eyes of two enchanted travellers. After all, travel is not a matter of distances covered but of experiences lived. It’s a mentality in its own right.

At the end of the day, this blog is all about inspiring you to travel as much as you can. Be it a trip abroad or an excursion close to home. A relaxing stay at a luxury resort or an adventurous weekend camping outdoors. An art gallery or a fancy restaurant that you’ve always wanted to visit. Whatever it is that makes your heart beat faster, go for it. After all, if it’s all trip to us, it can also be to you!