This photo shows Katerina and Maria at Masseria Torre Coccaro in Puglia Italy. They are sitting on a bench reading a newspaper on a sunny day.

Hello, Γεια σας, Ciao, Salut, مرحبا, Hola!

We are Katerina & Maria.
We come from Athens, Greece and this is also where we currently live.
Welcome to It’s all trip to me!

Meet Katerina

Katerina is our photographer. She sees our best travel moments through her camera lens and captures them to eternity. A civil engineer by profession, she looks beyond her CAD drawings and knows how to appreciate beautiful architecture when she sees it. Equally fond of stunning landscapes, she found her life’s passion in photography quite recently. Ever since then, she regularly attends photography classes and she often loses track of time when she happily plays with her lenses and other gadgets I am totally ignorant about. By the way, whenever you stumble upon a super crappy photo or three, you should know that they’re mine. We’ll get rid of those at some point, we promise.

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This image shows Katerina smiling with a cup of tea in her hand.

Meet Maria

I (Maria) do most of the writing for this website. Writing has been my passion ever since I was a child. I have always found it easier to express myself this way. It liberates me and relaxes me like nothing else can. The funniest part is that I don’t like to write in Greek, my mother tongue, but in English. I fell in love with the English language at the age of 8 and our romance was only getting started when I decided to study English Language & Literature at the university. After many years as an English and Greek teacher, I decided it was time I focused on what I am most passionate about: writing. So, here I am! Although not able to kiss my day job goodbye YET, all my love (and free time) go out to this baby website.

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This is an up close of Maria in Ioannina. We used this image in the About us section of our website.

Our passions

Our passions for writing and photography are nothing compared to our love of travel, though. We both suffer from a serious case of wanderlust. There is nothing we love more than jumping on a plane/train/ferry and feel the excitement of visiting a new destination or the sweet warmth of revisiting one we know and love.

Another love we share is learning foreign languages. Apart from Greek, we also speak English, Italian, Spanish, a bit of French and a tiny bit of Arabic. We firmly believe that learning a foreign language is the next best thing to travel. It broadens one’s horizons and helps the mind wander to unknown lands and diverse cultures.

Why we started this website

The idea of starting a travel website to inspire fellow part-time travellers to go out and see the world had been on our minds for quite some time. We thought that if we could fit our wanderlust into our 9-5 job routines, there must be a lot of others in a similar position who’d want to do the same. That was how It’s all trip to me came to life. Katerina came up with our name by making a brilliant pun on the famous It’s all Greek to me idiom. It’s all trip to me seems so appropriate since we are both Greek and we love trips.

This is how it all started. Click here for our first ever blog post!

Why we love blogging

Blogging is a whole new world for us. The ongoing learning process that comes with it is simply amazing. We literally learn something new every single day. Not to mention how exciting it is to discover that we have skills we never knew we had. It goes without saying that this website takes up most of our free time. To be honest, it’s kind of a bumpy road. Sometimes disappointments, frustration even, gets the better of us.

However, we absolutely love our journey to the travel blogging world. It makes us happy in ways we couldn’t possibly imagine before. Not only do we learn more about ourselves, this website has also made it easier for us to travel more often and for longer periods of time. Yet, there is one thing about blogging that we absolutely cherish. Ever since we launched It’s all trip to me, we haven’t stopped meeting like-minded people from all over the world who love to travel as much as we do. No feeling is better than knowing that there are people all across the globe whom we now call friends. Blogging has literally changed our lives. And we know for sure that the best is yet to come!

At this point, we would like to thank our beyond words gifted and dear friend Anastasia, who has hand-drawn for us the most beautiful logo we could ever dream of.
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