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We are Katerina & Maria, passionate travellers, golden hour lovers and unique moments seekers.

We have been travelling together since 2008, always in search of authentic experiences, local gems and distinct tastes. After ten years of planning our adventures, photographing landmarks and narrating our travel stories to friends and family, we decided it was time to share our tips, itineraries and travel guides with the world. Most of all, we were eager to help others enjoy their travels to the fullest. How? By immersing themselves in the local life of the places they visit. That’s how It’s All Trip To Me came to life.

We love to travel more than anything else. The thrill of visiting someplace new or the warmth of going back to a beloved land makes us feel alive and unconditionally happy. But we love to travel first and foremost because we come closer to other cultures and people this way. We learn history through travel. Ultimately, we gain a deep understanding of how societies are forged. This is how travel becomes our almighty weapon against prejudice and discrimination.

We are genuinely passionate about travelling responsibly. We are advocates of supporting local economies and communities, speaking up about animal abuse and discovering off-the-beaten-path destinations. Since you are following us on our quest to always leave a place better than we found it, we feel we’re in this together. With each and every one of you. So, what do you say? Shall we make this world a better place while roaming around its charms?

This image shows Katerina smiling with a cup of tea in her hand.

Born and raised in Athens, Katerina has worked as a civil engineer for many years but now her heart belongs to Travel Photography and Video Production. She enjoys good food and loves to be surrounded by friends. If you want to make her happy, just make sure she has a cup of hot tea or a glass of cold beer within her reach at all times.

Athens in August, devoid of humans but filled with jasmine scents, was where Maria grew up to become a loner and a true storyteller. Inspired by her beloved English teacher, she studied English Language & Literature and, after many years working in public education, she’s now fully devoted to Travel Writing. Cheese is her vice and the reason she can’t be 100% vegan.

This is an up close of Maria in Ioannina. We used this image in the About us section of our website.

What We Do

We visit destinations, explore their natural charms, learn their history and savour their tastes. Then, we put our experiences into words, adorn them with pictures and sprinkle them with all the necessary information for you to plan your own trips. Have a look at some of our favourite destinations!

Moreover, we are seriously in love with photography and its power to convey feelings, gestures and smiles from one side of the globe to the other. We know we’re not alone. For all of you aspiring travel photographers, here’s our ultimate travel photography guide.

As avid travellers, we know first-hand what a truly epic travel experience should be like. This is why we are on a mission to help travel brands transform their customers into the happiest travellers on earth. We achieve this by offering complete content creation solutions (travel photography, video & storytelling) to top brands in the travel industry. Click here to learn more about the ways you can work with us.

We are happy and grateful to see you follow us on our journey.
None of this would be the same without you by our side.

Until we meet somewhere in the world!
Katerina & Maria

Special thanks to our beyond words gifted and dear friend Anastasia. She has hand-drawn for us the most beautiful logo we could ever dream of.