Hi, We’re Katerina & Maria!

Travel is our love.

Sustainability is our passion.

Content creation is our expertise.

This is a selfie of Maria and Katerina in front of Methoni Castle.

Meet Katerina

Born and raised in Athens, Katerina worked as a civil engineer for many years but the fascinating world of travel won her over in the end.

In 2022, she quit her 9-5 job to become a full-time travel content creator.

She’s currently the main writer for It’s All Trip To Me and the sole video producer for our ever-growing YouTube channel.

She’s a great basketball fan and loves to be surrounded by friends, chatting – or dancing – the night away with them.

If you want to make her happy, just make sure she has a cup of hot tea or a glass of cold beer within her reach at all times.

Meet Maria

Inspired by her beloved English teacher, Maria studied English Language & Literature and worked in public education for many years.

In 2022, she quit her 9-5 job in Athens to embrace her fully remote role as Content Manager for a US-based tour operator.

She’s currently the editor for It’s All Trip To Me, writing the occasional blog post when time allows, but also the voice – and as of late the face – of our YouTube videos.

She’s happiest when travelling, reading literature and satisfying her sweet tooth.

She struggles with many fears but she’s determined not to let them stop her from living the vagabond life she always wanted.

The Journey So Far

This is a selfie of Katerina and Maria.
Astypalaia 2008: Our first ever trip together, looking painfully young and obviously unable to snap a decent selfie.

This is a photo of Maria and Katerina in a gondola in Venice.
Venice 2018: The official start of our content creation business as it was the first trip we collaborated with travel brands.

This is a selfie of Katerina and Maria in front of an azulejo-covered wall in Porto.
Porto 2023: The first stop on our semi-nomadic trip across Europe.

We’ve been travelling together since 2008, always in search of authentic experiences, local gems and distinct tastes.

After ten years of planning our adventures and narrating our travel stories to friends and family, it hit us.

Why not share our tips, itineraries and travel guides with the world?

Most of all, we were eager to help others enjoy their travels to the fullest by immersing themselves in the local life of the places they visited.

That’s how It’s All Trip To Me came to life in 2018.

In the dark times of 2020, we saw the light and launched our YouTube travel channel, an entirely new chapter in our content creation journey.

We quit our 9-5 jobs in 2022, focusing entirely on creating and publishing content that would help others travel better.

In the meantime, we shifted our attention to sustainable travel, embracing slow travel, supporting local economies and standing up for animal rights.

Since October 2023, we’ve been travelling slowly through Europe on a semi-nomadic adventure that we’ve been dreaming of for quite a while.

Slow travel not only enables us to get to know the destinations we’re visiting in depth, thus creating more comprehensive content, but also allows us to wander the world in a more meaningful and sustainable way.

We hope you join us on this fascinating journey!

Special thanks to our beyond-words gifted and dear friend Anastasia for hand-drawing the most beautiful logo for us.