Hiking in Greece can be an absolutely memorable experience. This is mainly because the Greek countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and diverse. From lonely mountain tops and deep gorges to endless plains and welcoming beaches, a hike in Greece comes with an impressive amount of stunning viewpoints. Local hiking clubs across the country plan hiking trips and walks along picturesque routes and trails as well as trekking events in an effort to bring more people closer to nature. Andros Routes, the team of volunteers who promote hiking activities in Andros, decided to take this initiative further by organising a walking festival on the beautiful Greek Island. The 1st Andros On Foot Festival was an incredible feast celebrating the joy of hiking. We were there and we had a fantastic time.

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This photo show Kairi Square in Chora Andros, Cyclades, Greece. 1st On Foot walking festival.
Picturesque Kairis Square in Chora, Andros.

Our experience at the 1st Andros On Foot hiking festival

Organising a hiking event that lasts for 23 days and features different hiking trips and activities for each day is not an easy task. Yet the Andros Routes team nailed it. From the early stages of registration to the festival to the actual attendance of the various events, people involved in this brilliant effort made sure that all participants had a wonderful and flawless experience.

The 1st On Foot walking festival in Andros took place from 06 to 28 October 2018. Sadly though, we were not able to spend more than a long weekend on our beloved island at that time of year. Yet it was enough for us to relax, come in touch with nature and recharge our batteries.

This photo shows the sunset at sea taken from the ship on our way to the 1st Andros On Foot walking festival.
Friday evening after work we caught the ship to Andros. Can you think of a better way to end the week?

We arrived at Chora, the utterly beautiful main town of Andros Island, on Friday evening. Just in time for the screening of Little England (Mikra Anglia), a superb period film set in Andros at the beginning of the 20th century. After a quick dinner we had a good night’s sleep as the following day would be a super full one.

This photo shows neoclassical mansions along the main pedestrianised street in Chora, Andros, Cyclades. 1st Andros On Foot walking festival.
Mansions along the main pedestrianised street in Chora, Andros.

The festival programme for October 13, 2018 started with a guided tour of the island’s Archaelogical Museum. The museum houses some unique pieces found on Andros Island and dating back to various historic periods.

This photo was taken during a guided tour at the Archaeological Museum of Andros which took place during the 1st On Foot walking Festival.
Guided tour of the Archaeological Museum in Andros.

After our visit to the Archaelogical Museum, there was plenty of time to explore Chora, the island’s largest town and one of the most enchanting settlements in the Cyclades complex. Dotted with gorgeous neoclassical mansions and windswept all year long, Chora is a sight for sore eyes.

This photo shows the view to Paraporti beach from Chora in Andros. 1st Andros On Foot walking festival.
View to Paraporti beach from Chora.

The hike: A nature walk to remember

However, we were on a hiking festival so we couldn’t wait for the hike itself which was scheduled for later that afternoon. We had hiked on Andros Island before. Yet we were always alone. This time we joined many other walking enthusiasts and it was a unique experience. It took us about 2 hours to walk route 8 from Nimporio beach at Chora to the picturesque village of Apikia.

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This is a photo of Chora in Andros as seen from Nimporio beach. 1st Andros On Foot walking festival.
View to Chora from Nimporio beach, the starting point of hiking path 8.

During the hike, we walked alongside riverbeds and streams in the midst of lush greenery along the Gialia River valley. Above the valley and near Chora we admired Stenies, one of the island’s most quaint villages. Andros has a long maritime tradition. Stenies is regarded as the village of the wealthiest and most powerful shipowners, hence its impressive mansions and non-existent tourist infrastructure.

This photo shows the picturesque village of Stenies on Andros Island Cyclades, Greece. 1st On Foot walking festival.
View to Stenies village from hiking path 8.

Near Stenies, we stopped to marvel at Fabrica and listen to Olga from Andros Routes narrate its amazing story. Most Greek Islands are dry and suffer from lack of water. Andros is the exact opposite. There are 10 rivers with continuous flow all year round. That’s why the island is home to 240 watermills. Fabrica, which means factory in Greek, is one of them. The largest and most impressive one. It was in fact a small industry as it was used as a grain and pasta factory in the past.

This photo shows Fabrica, the largest watermill on Andros Island, Cyclades, Greece. 1st Andros On Foot Walking Festival.
The Fabrica watermill.

Another characteristic of the Gialia River valley is the large amount of tower houses that are scattered in the surrounding hills. These are tall residences with defensive elements inhabited by rich lords in the 17th and 18th centuries. During our walk, we came across the oldest of all, the 3-storeyed Bisti Tower. Sadly, although the tower must have seen glorious days, it now screams neglect.

This photo shows Bisti Tower on Andros Island, Cyclades, Greece. 1st Andros On Foot walking festival.
Standing in awe before the imposing Bisti Tower.

Our hike ended at Apikia, a village famous for its fresh water springs. But, once there, we couldn’t resist visiting the nearby Pithara waterfall, so we went on to walk along tiny route 2a.  Then we headed back to Apikia where a coach was waiting to take us to Agia Irini Monastery, the next stop on our itinerary.

This photo shows the area around Pithara waterfall we visited during the 1st Andros On Foot walking festival.
Fairyland scenery at Pithara waterfall.

A visit to Agia Irini Monastery

The team of Andros Routes had arranged a guided tour of Agia Irini Monastery for us. Apart from the beautiful church, the Monastery is also home to a set of small museums. The latter exhibit unique items from private collections. We visited a Traditional Musical Instruments Exhibition as well as a Writing Items Exhibition.

By far our favourite exhibition room though, was the one dedicated to Elli Stamatiadou, a botanical collector born in the village of Apikia. We had never heard of Elli before but she certainly was what we now call a female leader. Throughout her career, Elli discovered 25 new plant species and her work gained international recognition. We were thrilled to look at photos from her travels at the exhibition.

After our visit to Agia Irini Monastery, the coach was waiting to take us back to Apikia village. Local associations and businesses had prepared a feast for us there with local delicacies and traditional dance. Our super full day couldn’t have ended in a better way.

Attending the 2nd Panhellenic Trails Meeting

During our long weekend on Andros Island we had the pleasure to attend the 2nd Panhellenic Trails Meeting as well. This is an annual event held on a different location in Greece each year. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together all parties involved in growing and promoting hiking in Greece.

Attending this meeting was an eye-opener for us. We met people from all over the country who are passionate about hiking. They are doing their best to clear and signpost existing paths. Then they link those to new trails in an effort to create hiking routes accessible to everyone.

This photo was taken during the works of the 2nd Panhellenic trails meeting that took place during the 1st Andros On Foot walking festival.
Attending the 2nd Panhellenic Trails Meeting.

There were also people from other countries who represented their walking associations and shared their hiking experience with the audience. We found out that in countries such as the UK, hiking is combined with other activities or local experiences. Ultimately, the goal is to offer travellers a complete proposal for alternative tourism. It goes without saying that after attending said sessions, we added a couple of new destinations to our bucket list like the Mullerthal Trail in Luxembourg.

Last but not least, there were people from the Greek Government present at the meeting. They explained how Greek laws and legislation work with regard to hiking in Greece. All in all, the meeting set the foundations for a fruitful discussion between state officials and associations in view of promoting hiking as a sustainable form of tourism in Greece. Our country is a very popular tourist destination for the obvious reasons: ancient ruins and dreamy beaches. However, it would be wonderful if, alongside those, Greece became famous for promoting sustainable tourism as well.

This photo shows one of many arch stone bridges in the countryside on Andros Island, Cyclades, Greece. 1st Andros On Foot walking festival was an amazing hiking event.
This is one of the many old arch bridges that are scattered across the island.

Leading Quality Trails re-certification for the 100 km Andros Route

Andros Island has a wide network of hiking trails for everyone. From absolute beginners, like us, to advanced hikers. Among those, Andros boasts the spectacular Andros Route. A continuous 100 km long path that runs the entire length of the island from North to South. The Andros Route can be completed in 10 days. During this time, hikers can spend each night at a different traditional village, tasting handmade delicacies and immersing themselves into the local community.

Only the best walking routes in Europe are certified as Leading Quality Trails. The 100 km Andros Route is one of them and we were happy to attend the emotional ceremony during which the Andros Routes team received the Leading Quality Trails certification for the second consecutive year as an acknowledgement for their amazing work.

This photo shows the Leading quality trails re-certification ceremony for the 100km long Andros Route which took place during the 1st Andros On Foot walking festival.
The Leading Quality Trails re-certification ceremony for the 100km long Andros Route.

Our final thoughts about the Andros On Foot walking festival 2018

Why we loved this hiking event

We are delighted to have attended the 1st Andros on Foot hiking festival for so many reasons. First of all, we had the pleasure to participate in a very well-organised hiking event, during which we got the chance to meet people from all over Greece as well as Europe. All those people share more or less the same passion: to drive more people towards nature and responsible tourism.

Secondly, we got to enjoy autumn walking on a beautiful Greek island outside high season. We watched in awe as the grey hues of autumn rendered the island scenery even more stunning. Furthermore, less crowds mean more chances to mingle with locals and live an authentic and thrilling experience.

This is a photo of the main pedestrianised street in Chora, Andros, Cyclades, Greece in absolute autumn tranquillity. 1st On Foot walking festival.
Maria enjoying the absolute tranquillity of autumn in Chora, Andros.

Last but not least, we must say that we enjoyed our hiking experience immensely. This is why we feel it’s our duty to encourage everyone to try similar activities that are so beneficial for both body and mind. We can’t even begin to tell you how this weekend away cleared our heads and filled us with joy. So, if there are places to hike that you know of, just go there and start walking. We can assure you that you’ll love the feeling of fullfilment you’ll get.

This photo shows hikers walk along route 8 at the 1st Andros on foot walking festival. A hiking event in Greece.
Route 8 from Nimporio to Apikia is quite uphill at its greatest part.

At this point we would like to thank Olga Karayiannis from the bottom of our hearts for her incredible hospitality. She went out of her way to make sure we made the most of our presence at this walking festival. Olga is the soul and driving force of Andros Routes. Without her tireless efforts all those ancient pathways on the island would still remain buried under tons of dirt and oblivion. We are very happy to call Olga a friend we’ll always look forward to meeting every time we’re on Andros Island.

This photo shows a group of hikers listening to Olga Karagiannis explaining the story behind the Fabrika watermill during the 1st Andros On Foot walking festival.
Olga is sharing with us the exciting story of the Fabrica watermill.

Come join us at the Andros On Foot hiking festival!

We are pretty sure that the festival’s huge success will repeat itself in the years to come. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to plan a trip to Andros during this hiking event. Fast Ferries, the ferry company we always choose for our frequent trips to Andros, usually offers discounts in autumn and off-season prices at Andros hotels are extremely affordable. So, check out the festival’s official website for more information and see you there!

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This is a photo of a Fast Ferries ship during sunset on its way to the 1st On Foot walking festival held on Andros Island in the Cyclades, Greece.
See you on board!

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Disclosure: Fast Ferries kindly offered us complimentary tickets to and from Andros for our recent trip. However, as always, we express nothing but our very own and honest opinion about the experience we had.


  1. That’s amazing! it would be wonderful to make the complete route, but at least some parts. That’s a great idea, and as you said it is very important for promoting sustainable tourism as well.

    • Maria Spyrou Reply

      Hey Ferny, we would love to walk the entire Andros Route ourselves and, hopefully, we will in the future. It sounds like a truly unique experience! We hope you can get to know with the treasures of Andros Island some time soon 🙂

  2. My husband and I would like to do the 100 km route in April 2019. I’m looking for information on accommodation and planning tips.

    • Maria Spyrou Reply

      Hi there Colleen! It will be so great walking the entire 100km route. Have you checked out the Andros Routes website? If not, click here https://www.androsroutes.gr/andros-route/ and you will find information about which towns/villages you should stay at during your hike. If you need further info from us, feel free to use our Contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you may need 🙂

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