Maria Spyrou


Easter is one of our favourite times to travel and this is why we decided to compile a list of the best Easter holiday destinations in the world.

We love to travel during Easter for many reasons. First of all, Easter is in spring and the latter is by far the optimal season to plan a trip. Spring means long days, warm weather and nature looking prettier than ever. Also, we love to travel at Easter because this is one of the best opportunities to get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the destinations we’re visiting.

Born and raised in Greece, whether a country we choose to travel to is famous for its beaches or not has never been a factor for us. We’ve always thought that our own country is home to the most spectacular beaches in the world. Although this sounds narrow-minded, to a large extent, it is actually true. However, our 2-week long trip to Puglia proved us wrong. Surprise! There are indeed equally (if not more) gorgeous beaches elsewhere in the world too. So, here’s our guide to the best beaches in Puglia, one of Italy’s most laid-back and authentic regions.

Our feet were eager to discover every hidden alley as we walked around the Old Town, our eyes struggling to adjust to the constant change of light which alternated from the bright sunshine of a summer day to the dark shadows cast by the imposing medieval buildings. That was Bergamo Alta, the historic centre of one of Northern Italy’s gems. We spent 24 magical hours there and that was enough to capture the essence of this often underrated Italian city. Without further ado, here’s our guide on how to spend one day in Bergamo, the splendid walled city of the Italian North.

England is one of our favourite countries. Not only because we are desperately in love with London. First and foremost, we love England because there are many friends of ours who live there. This is why we plan a trip to England at least once a year so as to catch up with all or some of them. Each time we travel to the country, we make sure we visit some place new too. During our most recent trip to England, we spent a long weekend exploring some of the best villages in the Cotswolds. To say that their charms took our breaths away would be an understatement.

Our Fiat Cinquecento moved lazily along the splendid country road as if to savour every single moment the way Katerina and I did. We drove through centuries-old olive groves, constantly under the shadow of tall trees. Suddenly, an unexpected clearing allowed us to look towards the horizon. We couldn’t help but gasp. Built atop a hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea and clad in blinding white, Ostuni was soaring above the Pugliese land as if in a dream. Only it was 100% real. We went, we saw and we’re presenting you our suggestions on what to do in Ostuni, Italy’s gorgeous White City.

The sunny region of Puglia in South Italy is one of the most laid-back and unspoilt parts of the country. It is also a very diverse destination. With pristine beaches, loads of history, incredible local cuisine, vibrant cities and spectacular scenery, Puglia has something for everyone. Puglia is also special for yet another reason. It is home to a couple of accommodation types which are unique to the region. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on those, so we’ve compiled a list of the best places to stay in Puglia, keeping in mind to include a little bit of everything. Both in terms of accommodation types as well as the best travel tips on how to divide your time within the region depending on which area is best for what.