Day Trips


We love to see new places. Ideally we’d like to spend at least a couple of days in every destination we visit. However, when you are a part-time traveller, this is very difficult to accomplish. Therefore, we’ve come to realise that day trips are of vital importance in making the most of one’s vacation time.

When travelling on a tight schedule, day trips are by far the best way to visit and enjoy more destinations in less time. Also, day trips help us get a taste of the places we may want to come back to and spend more time in the future. Or the ones that aren’t worth a second try. The latter, however, has never happened to us yet!

In the blog, we present each day trip in the form of a specific itinerary to follow. Carefully planned out to include most major sights and things that should not be missed, our day trips provide a valuable source of inspiration.

Venice Islands: The perfect Venice day trip

Once in Venice, it is highly unlikely that you will want to let it out of your sight. It is a city of unique, almost dreamy, beauty. That’s why we are adamant that travellers should not do Venice in a day but try to spend as much time as possible there. This way, there will also be time to visit the nearby Venice islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello and enjoy one of the best day trips from Venice. 

An Oxford day trip to remember

On our every trip abroad, we try to experience as many new places as possible. Ideally, we like to overnight in all our destinations. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time to do so. That’s why we love day trips. They give us the chance to get a taste of some place new in just a few hours. So, during our recent trip to England, we took a delightful Oxford day trip on our way from Bristol to London.

Ferrara: a hidden medieval gem

When I started planning our Bologna trip, I knew we had to take day trips to both Ravenna and Parma for the obvious reasons: the former is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, while the latter is the birthplace of prosciutto ham and parmiggiano reggiano cheese. As I researched, I decided we should also visit Modena. Soon I realised that there was still enough time for yet another day trip. Bologna boasts an excellent location, allowing easy day trips to cities like Verona and Venice. However, it felt wrong just to sneak peek at said destinations rather than plan a future trip just for them. So, I thought we should stick to the Emilia Romagna region and opt for a more laid-back destination, like Ferrara.