South Bank walk: Best of London on foot

There’s no better way to get to know a city than wandering around its streets. We absolutely love exploring new destinations on foot. Especially when the weather is fine, nothing can keep us from strolling around for hours. London is one of our favourite cities to do so. The UK capital has many different faces and this is what makes its walking routes all the more fascinating. We particularly enjoy walking along the South Bank of the Thames. Our favourite South Bank walk in London starts from the Tower of London (which is actually on the north bank of the Thames, oops!) and goes all the way to the London Eye and Westminster Bridge. Our itinerary includes the entire length of the riverside pedestrian path known as The Queen’s Walk.  

Hiking on Andros island

Are you dreaming of endless stretches of golden sand kissed by emerald waters? Or do deep blue waves crashing on magnificent black rock formations thrill you more? Either way, we can all agree that the Greek islands’ popularity stems mainly from their beautiful beaches. However, there’s a lot more to the Greek islands than that and Andros is a fine example of this. With a network of about 160km of paths, hiking on Andros island is yet another reason to visit.

Elafonisos beach therapy

When I think summer vacation in Greece, my mind drifts to some small island in the Aegean Sea. One of those windswept rock formations with white-washed houses perched on steep cliff sides. The kind of island you need to spend a minimum of 6 long hours on board a ship before you can swim into its deep blue waters. This is why I was always skeptical about Elafonisos, the tiny island overlooking the southern tip of the Peloponnese. It ticked none of my boxes. Given its proximity to the mainland, I didn’t even know if it qualified as an island to begin with.

But the truth is that I kept hearing nothing but praise about Elafonisos and its beaches. So, “Why not?”, I thought. And I went. And, then, I threw my doubts and my idiotic unticked boxes out of the window. Elafonisos is one of the best destinations imaginable for a relaxing summer vacation by the beach.

Discovering Italy’s food capital: Bologna

If you are part-time travellers with a tight schedule, it takes a lot of brainstorming and rough planning to decide upon your next destination. However, if your motto is Italy is always a good idea and you live in neighbouring Greece, things get a tad easier. Therefore, when low-cost airline Ryanair added Bologna to its direct flights from Athens schedule, there wasn’t much to think about. Both Katerina and I are utterly and totally in love with Italy. So much so that we want to go everywhere in the country. Having already been to Rome twice and after a dreamy road trip through Tuscany a few years back, it felt just about the right time to visit a more laid-back Italian city. So, off we were for yet another chance to enjoy la bella vita among adorable locals. And taste some of the world’s most exquisite food in the process.