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No matter its small size, there are quite a few great things to do in Antiparos, the quaint island in the Aegean Sea which even Tom Hanks himself has chosen to call home for the summer.

Probably the number 1 reason why Antiparos is famous all across the globe is the fact that everyone’s favourite actor Tom Hanks owns a villa on the island. He usually spends his summers there alongside his family and their fellow Hollywood superstar guests.

This is a photo of the quaint small boat port in Antiparos. It was shot in the afternoon so there are splendid shadows on the golden sand.
Playing with shadows at the port of Antiparos.

That said, stalking Tom and his friends is not among our recommended Antiparos activities. Not only is it rude but it’s also unnecessary. Antiparos is tiny so chances are you will eventually spot them anyway in the most natural of circumstances. We didn’t, of course. Yet a friend of ours stumbled upon Matthew McConaughey on his way to the bakery. We can hate him to eternity for that. Our friend, not Matthew.

Seriously now, there are many fantastic things to see in Antiparos and this authentic island is perfect for everyone. From families with kids and couples to groups of friends and solo travellers.

This is a photo of Santa Marina Chapel, a small whitewashed church with a blue dome near the port of Antiparos.
Beautiful island architecture in Antiparos

So, here’s our complete guide and list of the best things to do in Antiparos, one of our favourite islands in Greece. Enjoy!

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How Many Days and What To Do in Antiparos

Although super tiny, Antiparos Island is perfect for either a short escape or a longer relaxing holiday by the sea. If you are a group, you can also visit Antiparos on a day trip on a luxury catamaran from Paros. However, we strongly advise against that unless there is absolutely no time for you to enjoy at least an overnight stay there.

This photo shows a sun kissed narrow pedestrianised street in Antiparos Town.
Antiparos Town early in the morning

If you’re wondering what to do in Antiparos and what’s so special about it, you should know that the island represents literally everything you’ve ever heard of the Greek Islands. Imagine a whitewashed town with cats wandering around narrow streets and colourful bougainvillaeas hanging over blue doors, pristine sandy beaches and a vibrant yet nostalgic nightlife. Welcome to Antiparos!

This is an image of a picturesque street inside the Castle of Antiparos. There is a huge fuchsia bougainvillea and a cat strolling around.
Antiparos is one of the quaintest Greek Islands!

10 Amazing Things To Do in Antiparos Greece

1. Mingle With Locals and Fellow Travellers in Chora

Antiparos Town or Chora is the island’s main settlement. Start your walk from the quaint port and then head towards the heart of Antiparos Town by walking along the main pedestrianised street. The latter is home to many eateries and shops. Keep walking until you reach the main square and then get lost in the magic of the island’s narrow whitewashed alleys.

This is an image of the main street in Antiparos Town at sunrise. All shops are closed and there is absolute peace and quiet but for a couple of people who walk around after a night out. In the backgound, the sky is painted orange.
The main street in Antiparos Town at sunrise

2. Wander Around The Enchanting Antiparos Castle

Now, don’t expect to see a full-scale castle as Kastro (the Greek word for castle), is more of a district within Antiparos Town. The Venetian Castle of Antiparos was built in 1440 to protect the island from pirate invasions. There used to be the main tower in the centre of the castle, around which houses were built as a continuous construction. The outer walls of these houses coincided with the defensive walls of this fortified settlement.

This image shows the castle of Antiparos at sunrise. We can see the remains of the castle tower and a tiny whitewashed church.
Antiparos Castle at sunrise

Nowadays, all that remains to remind of a castle is the base of that main tower as well as a Gothic gateway near the main square. The castle area is still inhabited. Wandering around its super tranquil streets and admiring the superb island architecture is definitely one of the best things to do in Antiparos.

This photo shows a quaint and peaceful neighbourhood within the walls of Antiparos Castle.
An enchanting street within the Castle walls

3. Watch The Sunset at Sifneiko Beach

Whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to watch the sunset at Sifneiko Beach. The latter looks towards Sifnos Island, hence its name. In order to get to the beach, you have to walk an easy and utterly picturesque path that starts from the main square. Just follow the signs to Sifneiko or Sunset Beach.

Once there, you can either hang out on the beach or sit at one of the two cafés. Either way, you will enjoy one of the best sunsets you have ever experienced.

This image shows people with their backs turned to the camera watching the sun dive into the sea in the horizon. Watching the sunset at Sifneiko Beach is one of the best things to do in Antiparos Greece.
Sunset at Sifneiko

4. Visit Antiparos Cave

The Cave is one of the best places to visit in Antiparos and hands down the island’s top attraction. With a depth of about 85m, Antiparos Cave is utterly impressive and home to spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

Unfortunately, the cave has been quite damaged throughout the centuries as it has often been used as a shelter or even a place of worship. Many stalactites and stalagmites have been broken or removed altogether while others bear scratches or even writings on their surface.

This photo was shot inside Antiparos Cave. There are stalagmites and stalactites around a metal staircase. The cave is dimly lit.
Inside Antiparos Cave

Upon entering the Cave of Antiparos, you will be greeted by a massive column that is 45 million years old and by the quaint Agios Ioannis Church. Then it’s time to descend to the depths of the cave by means of 411 steps. Keep in mind that you then have to climb those 411 steps back up so if, for any reason, you don’t think you are strong enough to do so, just hang around at the cave’s entrance instead.

Unlike other caves in Greece, the visit to Antiparos Cave is without a guided tour. You can find information about opening hours and tickets here.

This image shows the entrance to Antiparos Cave. There is a large open space and a small church.
The entrance to Antiparos Cave

5. Take a Trip To Despotiko Island

Despotiko Island is a super tiny islet just off the coast of Antiparos and one of its top attractions. It is home to an ancient sanctuary that used to be the largest one on the Cyclades Islands, second only to the world-renowned sanctuary on Delos Island.

Despotiko has no permanent residents. Join a boat tour so as to visit the archaeological site as well as some of the island’s remote, heavenly beaches, the most popular of which is the exotic Livadi Beach.

This is a photo of Livadi Beach on Despotiko Island. It is a beach of silver sand and turquoise waters.
Livadi Beach on Despotiko Island

6. Explore The Island’s Sea Caves

The southern part of Antiparos Island boasts quite a few spectacular sea caves and secret coves. You can explore these and swim in unbelievably emerald waters during the same boat tour that will take you to Despotiko Island. There is a full-day boat tour that departs from Antiparos Port as well as a half-day boat tour that departs from quaint Agios Georgios Village. We joined the latter and loved it.

This is a photo of one of the sea caves we visited on a boat tour. The rock and the sand are bright weight and the water is emerald green.
At the sea caves

7. Get a Taste of The Antiparos Nightlife

As mentioned above, Antiparos Island is the ideal destination for all kinds of travellers. The same is true for the island’s nightlife. The latter is neither expensive nor suited to younger crowds alone. The night scene of Antiparos has something for everyone and is absolutely authentic and irresistibly vintage.

When the night falls, head to the main square of Antiparos Town. Although peaceful and laid-back during the day, the square literally comes to life in the evening. There are mostly clubs playing mainstream music on the square. There are also quieter bars for a cocktail and a chat in the streets around the square.

This photo shows a traditional building which houses two bars in Antiparos town. A rock music bar and a mainstream Greek music one.
Antiparos bars at sunrise

No matter where you choose to start your night out in Antiparos, though, there is only one place to end it. Read on.

8. Dance The Night Away at La Luna

You haven’t been to Antiparos if you haven’t spent a night at Disco La Luna. The legendary disco opened its gates in 1981 and it seems that nothing has changed ever since. Stepping inside the time capsule that is La Luna, you can’t help but feel that you’ve somehow been teleported to the 80s. Both in terms of decoration and music selections.

During the summer months, La Luna Antiparos opens its doors every night at 2 am. However, it’s after 3 am that all roads lead to the picturesque disco which is situated just outside the town. To get there, you follow one of the prettiest paths we have ever walked on, which starts from the very heart of Antiparos Town (there is a sign). The road to the disco is so dark that the stars and the moon in the sky look gorgeous.

This image shows the quaint entrance to La Luna Disco at sunrise. The entrance is typical of the Greek Islands: Whitewashed wall, blue door and a fuchsia bougainvillea hanging above. There are motorbikes and bicycles parked outside.
The quaint entrance of La Luna

Legend has it that the disco owes its name to a German tourist who used to say that in order to find the disco in the dark you have to let the moonlight guide you (luna is the Italian word for moon). Nothing can get more romantic than that. Oh, wait. There is one thing that is actually more romantic than that: the moonlit path itself.

The party at La Luna is in full swing from about 4 am until after the sun is out. The dancing never stops. Not even when the openings on the roof let the broad daylight come in. Only when the DJ stops the music do people reluctantly start walking towards the exit door. And, oh God, the beauty that awaits outside as the island wakes up from its sweet sleep.

This is a long exposure shot taken inside La Luna Disco at dawn. There are still many people having fun even though it's broad daylight. Dancing the night away at La Luna is one of the best things to do in Antiparos Greece.
Sunrise at La Luna

Useful info: There is an entrance fee which includes a beer or drink. Please stick to bottled beer or ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages to avoid headaches, hangovers etc.

9. Stay Awake For The Sunrise

We often tell you that, during your travels, it’s worth waking up to see the sunrise at least once. This time we advise you to do things just a tiny bit differently. Don’t sleep at all! The best way to enjoy the sunrise on Antiparos Island is to spend a night at La Luna and then walk to the town at dawn.

The path that connects the town to the disco is mesmerisingly beautiful at sunrise. The surrounding countryside takes on a stunning hue of pink and gold that makes you feel as if you’re walking in a dream.

This is a shot of the splendid countryside path that leads from La Luna Disco to Antiparos Town. It is sunrise and the colours in the sky are incredible.
Sunrise at one of the most beautiful walking paths on earth!

Once in the town, things only get better as there is nothing like walking around a gorgeous half-asleep island settlement that seems to have surrendered to absolute peace. This image of Antiparos Town won’t be easy to forget.

This image shows St Nicholas Church in Chora Antiparos at sunrise. The sky is a beautiful lilac and there are four girls walking past the church. They obviously just came back from a summer night out.
Sunrise in Chora: the time and place to fall in love with Antiparos.

10. Swim in The Waters of The Best Antiparos Beaches

It goes without saying that one of the top things to do in Antiparos (or any other Greek Island for that matter) is swimming and having fun on the beach. Like all the Cyclades, the island is home to many gorgeous beaches you won’t want to miss. Apart from the island’s sea caves and the beaches of Despotiko Island we talked about earlier, let’s have a look at some of the best beaches in Antiparos.

There are quite a few very good beaches within walking distance from Antiparos Town. These include Psaraliki 1, Psaraliki 2, Panagia, Sifneiko, Theologos and Camping Beach. The latter, as its name suggests, is the beach that is located next to the island’s camping site (more on that later on) and it’s a nudist beach, probably one of the oldest in Greece.

This is a sign at the Camping Beach. It reads Official Nudist Beach since the 70s. It is placed on a bush on the sand and we can see the turquoise sea in the background.
Camping Beach

Sifneiko Beach is often exposed to strong north winds and thus not ideal for a swim. That said, this beach is renowned for its amazing sunset. Theologos Beach is ideal for families with small children as it features calm and shallow waters. Our personal favourite choice near the town is Panagia Beach, which is sandy with incredibly crystal clear waters.

This is a photo of Panagia, a beach near Antiparos Town with crystal clear waters and golden sand.
Panagia Beach

As far as the rest of the island is concerned, one of the best Antiparos beaches is Soros, a long sandy beach with deep blue waters which lies about 8km from the town. Last but not least, if surfing is your thing, then Livadia Beach is where you’ll find the best waves.

This image shows Livadia, a windy beach in Antiparos. There are huge waves in the sea. In the foreground, there are 7 surfboards of various colours on the golden sand.
Livadia Beach

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Antiparos Guide

Where Is Antiparos Greece

Antiparos is situated in the heart of the Cyclades Islands, literally a stone’s throw from its super popular neighbour Paros Island.

How To Get To Antiparos

There is no direct ferry service to Antiparos Island. Therefore, the only way to get to Antiparos is by getting to Paros Island first. The latter is accessible by either ferry or plane from Athens.

Once on Paros Island, you can get to Antiparos by ferry which departs from Pounta Port every 30 minutes. Ferries run from very early in the morning until very late at night. The journey lasts less than 10 minutes. Check out the Paros Antiparos ferry schedule and prices here.

During the summer months, there is also a ferry that connects Antiparos to the main port of Paros Island (Paroikia). This vessel is for passengers only as it can’t carry any vehicles. The journey lasts about 30′. When there are strong winds blowing, this ferry service is interrupted and you can only get to Antiparos from Pounta Port. There is a frequent bus service from the main port of Paros in Paroikia to Pounta Port.

This is a panoramic shot of the port of Antiparos. There are three ferries in the sea and you can clearly see the coast of Paros across the narrow strait.
The port

How To Get Around

Antiparos is very compact so renting a car is not really worth the money and trouble. You can get everywhere within the town as well as to many nearby beaches on foot. The island is flat for the most part and thus easily walkable. That’s why we added Antiparos to our list of the best car-free Greek islands.

During high season, there is a frequent bus service from Antiparos Town to the cave, the small port and the beach of Agios Georgios as well as many other beaches such as Panagia and Soros.

If you feel like exploring the most remote beaches or taking your time admiring the beauty of the island’s countryside, you can either rent a bicycle or a scooter from Paros.

This is a close up of our red vespa loaded with our luggage at the port of Paros.
Our Vespa loves to travel!

Where To Stay in Antiparos

The best place to stay on the island is definitely Antiparos Town. This way, you can get pretty much everywhere on foot and only need transportation on a couple of occasions, such as visiting the cave or one of the island’s remote beaches.

Check out some of the best Antiparos hotels here!

If you like camping, then you should know that the island is home to one of the oldest and most popular campsites in the Cyclades. Camping Antiparos welcomed its first guests in 1978 and it’s been a synonym for carefree summer holidays ever since. It mainly attracts young crowds who are on the island to the party but it’s also very popular with families.

This is a photo of a traditional house in Antiparos Town with sky blue shutters and a fuchsia bougainvillea.
Staying in Antiparos Town is dreamy!

Where To Eat in Antiparos

The fact that Antiparos is one of the most authentic and unspoilt Greek Islands means that its food is equally so. For breakfast or brunch, head to Aspronissi Bakery for delicious sweet and savoury treats or Margarita Café for freshly made omelettes and crepes. For a trendier take on brunch, Elia Kafenes serves the fluffiest pancakes. All three places are situated along the town’s main street.

This is a close up of two plates containing omelettes at Margarita Cafe in Antiparos Town.
Brunch at Margarita Café

If you feel a sudden craving for Italian food, Lollo’s at the seafront near the port serves delicious handmade pizza and pasta.

For the best handmade ice cream as well as other dessert options go to Vicky’s on the main street of Antiparos Town. Last but not least, one of the best places to eat in Antiparos is Captain Pipinos in Agios Georgios. This traditional restaurant serves mouthwatering dishes with exceptional views of Despotiko Island and the sea.

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Are You Ready To Travel To Antiparos Island?

Now you know pretty much everything there is to know in order to plan your own amazing trip to Antiparos Island. This gorgeous little island in the Aegean Sea is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a quintessentially Greek summer holiday.

With so many amazing things to do in Antiparos, we can safely say that the island is one of the best places to visit in Greece. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Antiparos adventure now!

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