London may be the most vibrant, fascinating and open-minded capital city in Europe and one of the world’s most exciting ones. Although this sounds reason enough to visit England, there’s still a lot more to experience in this wonderful country. It’s not easy to describe the beauty of England’s landscapes. Dotted with historic sites, fairytale-like villages and quaint old pubs, the English countryside is a sight to remember. Regarded as the Cradle of the Industrial Revolution, England has no shortage of once gloomy industrial cities that are now reborn into amazing cultural and social hubs.

England’s many different faces are what makes it unique, after all. That’s why we can’t wait to see as much of it as possible. Come join us!

There’s no better way to get to know a city than wander around its streets. We absolutely love exploring new destinations on foot. Especially when the weather is fine, nothing can keep us from strolling around for hours. London is one of our favourite cities to do so. The UK capital has many different faces and this is what makes its walking routes all the more fascinating. We particularly enjoy walking along the South Bank of the Thames. Our favourite South Bank walk in London starts from the Tower of London (which is actually on the north bank of the Thames, oops!) and goes all the way to the London Eye and Westminster Bridge. Our itinerary includes the entire length of the riverside pedestrian path known as The Queen’s Walk.  

On our every trip abroad, we try to experience as many new places as possible. Ideally, we like to overnight in all our destinations. Unfortunately, we don’t always have enough time to do so. That’s why we love day trips. They give us the chance to get a taste of some place new in just a few hours. So, during our recent trip to England, we took a delightful Oxford day trip on our way from Bristol to London.

Who can argue that London is one of the most fascinating cities in the world? The UK capital is the world’s most visited city and undoubtedly an important cultural hub. As I often say, nobody should visit London only once. To fully appreciate the immense amount of attractions it has to offer as well as to get the real feeling of this magnificent city one needs to keep going back. So did we. Our first visit to London was one cold December a couple of years ago. So, we decided to go back and see how this vibrant global city glitters under the summer sun. In our effort to learn as much about our beloved metropolis as possible, we decided to explore the most important part of the city’s past: the Victorian era. That’s why we took the Life & Death in Victorian London, with Special Access Highgate Cemetery Tour.

This tour is offered by Walks, a company that specialises in small group tours in various cities around the world. The first time we took a tour with them was during our wonderful trip to Venice. We liked it so much that we decided to also see Victorian London with them.