Tucked away in the northern Balkans, Romania awaits visitors in order to show them around its hidden treasures. Rich in recent history, it is a country of contrasts and unbelievable natural beauty.

History buffs will absolutely love Romania. The country’s recent and pretty much troubled historic past is omnipresent. In fact, Bucharest seems like a huge museum constantly reminding us of the country’s history. Far from being stuck to the past though, Romania’s capital city is vibrant and knows how to have fun.

Romania boasts the most stunning mountain landscapes. Transylvania, alongside its captivating vampire tales, is home to unspoilt countryside dotted with castles, fortified churches and picture-perfect towns. The region is best explored on a road trip. Nothing beats the feeling you get while driving its winding roads with waterfalls waiting for you at every turn.

Not a mountain type? The Black Sea resorts promise endless relaxing moments on the beach. It’s true then. Romania has it all!

The region of Transylvania in Romania is becoming more and more popular lately. People from all over the world can’t wait to explore its stunning countryside, imposing castles and medieval towns. However, the majority of travellers make it as far as Brasov and, perhaps, Sighisoara, overlooking yet another gem that should be part of everyone’s itinerary: Sibiu. In this travel guide we will show you all the fantastic things to do in Sibiu, one of the most elegant and off the beaten path places to visit in Romania.

Located at the very heart of Romania, Brasov is perhaps the country’s most well-known destination next to Bucharest. For good reason. Brasov is a beautiful picturesque city and admiring its charms is well worth a trip on its own. That said, Brasov also serves as an excellent base to explore the breathtaking Transylvania region. So, without further ado, read on and find out what to do in Brasov, one of the prettiest places to visit in Romania, in 2 days.