Tucked away in the northern Balkans, Romania awaits visitors in order to show them around its hidden treasures. Rich in recent history, it is a country of contrasts and unbelievable natural beauty.

History buffs will absolutely love Romania. The country’s recent and pretty much troubled historic past is omnipresent. In fact, Bucharest seems like a huge museum constantly reminding us of the country’s history. Far from being stuck to the past though, Romania’s capital city is vibrant and knows how to have fun.

Romania boasts the most stunning mountain landscapes. Transylvania, alongside its captivating vampire tales, is home to unspoilt countryside dotted with castles, fortified churches and picture-perfect towns. The region is best explored on a road trip. Nothing beats the feeling you get while driving its winding roads with waterfalls waiting for you at every turn.

Not a mountain type? The Black Sea resorts promise endless relaxing moments on the beach. It’s true then. Romania has it all!

Top things to do in Bucharest: Our essential guide

As you may have noticed by now, our posts are primarily enthusiastic and positive. The main reason for this is because we always tend to focus on the good memories and forget about the bad ones. Another reason is that we are fond of cultural and natural diversity. We manage to find and appreciate beauty no matter how well it’s hidden. That’s why we have fallen in love with almost every destination we have visited. Bucharest is among the cities that didn’t manage to find its special place in our hearts, though. Sure, we have sweet memories from the time we spent there. But it somehow failed to make us want to go back again soon or to stay a little longer. So, “Why read on?” you may think. Because there are certain things to do in Bucharest that you cannot experience elsewhere. 

Bucharest walking tour of Communism

Romania had been on our minds for quite some time before deciding to plan a trip there after all. Besides the allure of the Transylvanian countryside, the prospect of visiting a country which still breathes recent history also fascinated us. Bucharest is like a huge living museum constantly recreating its troubled past. The best way to explore the capital of Romania is by taking a walking tour from many available. We wanted to learn as much as possible about Romania’s communist past. Therefore, we chose the Bucharest walking Tour of Communism.

Ceausescu residence: A must visit in Bucharest

As a kid, the school subject I hated the most was History. All those names and dates dancing before my eyes were not at all intriguing. Yet, as I grew older I realised that history is not just a way to torture high school students. Now, I consider history an essential part of travelling. From the people’s political choices and how these affected their lives to the architectural trends throughout the centuries, every destination is defined by its history. Both Katerina and I make sure to include as many historic sites as possible in every trip we take. Recent history is what fascinates us the most, though. This made Bucharest and its not so long gone troubled political past an ideal destination for us. The Romanian capital is home to many recent historic treasures. One of these is Casa Ceausescu, the former Ceausescu residence.