Travel Guides


Each Travel Guide in the blog is a source of inspiration and provides practical information about the destination in question. We try to include as many details as possible about the duration and costs of our trips to help you plan your own. We know it’s not always easy to squeeze travel planning in a 9-5 routine, so that’s what we’re here for! In our Travel Guides you can find pretty much everything you need to know. Must-see sights of special historic interest. Where to catch the most spectacular views or how to best enjoy nature. Recommendations on what and where to eat and drink. Best time to visit and top things to do. Suggested day trips. The list is endless.

Thorough as they may be, Travel Guides in the blog cannot be and are not exhaustive. Not all of us have the same expectations from our travels. However, they can be seen as useful tools to inspire you and help you plan your very own trips, according to your budget, your interests and the time you can spend in each destination.

If you think that heaven on earth doesn’t exist, you’ve probably never heard of Donoussa Island before. An island of turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and almost impossibly laid-back vibes, Donoussa is the epitome of relaxation and the embodiment of the perfect Greek summer.

In the past few years, Naxos has become quite popular with travellers from all over the world and we’re sure you’re wondering what to do in Naxos to make the most of your time on this incredibly diverse Greek Island. That’s where we come in. We published the only Naxos travel guide you’ll ever need to read.