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Here at It’s All Trip To Me, what both Katerina and I (Maria) value the most is our relationship with all of you. Our readers. This is why we are committed to always share nothing but our honest opinion about our experiences. Moreover, we always disclose if we are receiving compensation of any kind. But let’s be more specific.


Throughout our website, you will come across affiliate links and banners. But what does affiliate mean anyway? It means that if you click on the affiliate link of a service or product we recommend and you make a purchase, we will receive a small commission from our affiliate partner at no extra cost to you. Amounts are small but they certainly help us run this website and our content creation business.

We always state at the beginning of a post or page if it contains affiliate links. Rest assured that we always recommend products and services that we have actually tried and immensely enjoyed. In a handful of cases, we may recommend services we haven’t tried yet but we would most definitely love to. Here’s a list of our affiliate partners:


Booking.com has been our preferred accommodation search engine forever and it remains so to this day. This is why you will find affiliate links to choose your own rooms via Booking.com in many of our posts and pages.

Get Your Guide

We always encourage you to immerse yourselves in the culture of the destinations you visit and make the most of your trips. Get Your Guide makes booking activities, entrance tickets and tours super easy. It’s all in one place and our affiliate links will lead you to the most relevant search results.


As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Discover Cars

You know how much we love a good road trip. Sometimes we hit the road in our very own super cute FIAT 500. However, this baby can’t get us everywhere so we frequently rent a car for our adventures. With Discover Cars, you can find the car that best suits your needs for the most epic road trips.

Ferry Hopper

Born and raised in Greece, travel by ferry has become second nature to us and, let’s be honest, hopping from one quaint island to the next by ferry is way more fascinating than flying. Not to mention that you can’t get to each and every one of the Greek Islands by plane. This is why we’ve sprinkled FerryHopper affiliate links throughout the site to help you plan the island hopping you’ve always dreamt of.

Interrail / Eurail

As much as we love to drive, train travel always has a special place in our hearts and this is why we’ve partnered up with Interrail / Eurail to help you find the best deals and inspire you to start making your itineraries.


We love joining walking tours and unique experiences anywhere we travel. Walks specialise in small group tours in many cities across the globe.


Read here the full terms.


Read here the full terms.

Sponsored Content

Sometimes, we partner up with travel brands we trust to better present our favourite destinations to you. In that case, we produce sponsored content that is included in our articles or social media posts. This can be as short as a simple link or it can have the form of a full review. We always state at the beginning and/or end of a post if it contains sponsored content.

At this point, we need to make crystal clear that under no circumstances do we compromise neither our website’s integrity nor the relationship we have with all of you. This means that we always share with you our very own and honest opinion. Moreover, we only produce sponsored content for brands we actually love and trust and we recommend services and products that we firmly believe you would love, too. Should we find a product or service disappointing, we will not recommend it. We do not sugarcoat our reviews regardless of who pays the bills.

As a side note, keep in mind that nothing is handed out for free in this industry. We work hard representing brands and we get compensated for it. It’s as simple as that.


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It’s All Trip To Me reflects our personal opinion and narrates experiences from our very own point of view. Although we do wish to inspire you and help you plan your trips, we cannot be held liable for any inconvenience, loss or damage caused to you as a result of following our advice or reading the information we provide. We are doing our best to keep our content up-to-date yet we cannot guarantee that all information included in our website is 100% valid at all times. Planning a trip based solely on the information you find on our website is at your own risk.

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