Sri Lanka


Most travellers to Sri Lanka tend to overlook the capital city of Colombo, eager as they are to discover the island’s treasures, such as its stunning nature and spectacular beaches. Who can blame them? Yet Colombo is really worth spending some time at. This is why we’ve put together a list of the best things to do in 2 days in Colombo so as to inspire you to sit back and experience the ambience of this vibrant city before starting your magical journey across the rest of the country.

Katerina and I have been travelling together for more than 10 years now. With the exception of our trip to Egypt in 2010, we have only travelled within Europe. Which is great considering there are tons of things to do in Europe. But, once you catch the travel bug, there is no going back. So, early this year, we decided it was about time we went somewhere outside of Europe. I wanted to cross the Atlantic to the Americas but Katerina wanted to fly over the Indian Ocean and land in Asia instead. She won. But why visit Sri Lanka on this first trip to Asia of ours?

We don’t normally spend much time (or money) shopping during our travels. We prefer to spend as much time (and money) as possible on unique experiences we will cherish for life instead. Actually, we don’t particularly like shopping because it’s usually difficult to find something to buy that’s tasteful, authentic and affordable at the same time. And this frustrates us.

However, shopping in Sri Lanka is one bright exception to this rule. With a wide array of smart and reasonably priced gift ideas, deciding what to buy in Sri Lanka was equally difficult but for a different reason. We had a hard time figuring out how much of this stuff we could actually fit inside our suitcases.