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During our travels, we always do our best not to miss out on unique experiences. In a strange way, while travelling, we are also more open to trying things that we wouldn’t easily try back home. I wouldn’t know how to explain this but it’s the truth. So, although there are very good hamams in Athens, we never thought of visiting one. However, making reservations for a traditional Turkish bath was among the very first things we did in view of our recent trip to Istanbul. But what happens in a Turkish bath anyway? We are assuming that many of you are sceptical about the idea of being bathed in public. We know we were. This is why we decided to write a useful guide with everything you need to know so as to enjoy your first Turkish hamam as much as we did.

The hardest thing about being part-time travellers is not missing out on major sightseeing while at the same time staying true to our love for slow travel. Finding the right balance between sightseeing and leisurely taking in the local feel of the destinations we visit is really important to us. We have come to understand that the best way to achieve this balance and save ourselves loads of valuable time is by leaving most of the sightseeing to the hands of experts. This is why we are happy to have come across the best sightseeing tours in Istanbul during our recent trip to Turkey.