There’s no better way to get to know a city than wander around its streets. We absolutely love exploring new destinations on foot. Especially when the weather is fine, nothing can keep us from strolling around for hours. London is one of our favourite cities to do so. The UK capital has many different faces and this is what makes its walking routes all the more fascinating. We particularly enjoy walking along the South Bank of the Thames. Our favourite South Bank walk in London starts from the Tower of London (which is actually on the north bank of the Thames, oops!) and goes all the way to the London Eye and Westminster Bridge. Our itinerary includes the entire length of the riverside pedestrian path known as The Queen’s Walk.  

On our every trip abroad, we try to experience as many new places as possible. Ideally, we like to overnight in all our destinations. Unfortunately, we don’t always have enough time to do so. That’s why we love day trips. They give us the chance to get a taste of someplace new in just a few hours. So, during our recent trip to England, we took a delightful Oxford day trip on our way from Bristol to London.

Who can argue that London is an absolutely fascinating city? We are utterly in love with the UK capital and we never miss an opportunity to plan a trip there. During our first trip to London a few years back, we made sure we ticked most, if not all, of our bucket-list things to do there. So, on our second time in London, we decided to add somewhat quirkier, out of the ordinary experiences to our itinerary. This is why we joined a Highgate Cemetery tour and we’re very happy we did. It turns out that this was the best way to uncover many of the secrets of our beloved city’s dark past.