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Andros is one of our favourite Greek Islands for many reasons but primarily because Andros beaches are among the most spectacular in the country.

Although we’ve been to many islands across Greece, it’s safe to say that the beaches in Andros are hands down the best we’ve seen so far. This is because Andros beaches are not only abundant but also remarkable in terms of diversity. The island boasts more than 30 beaches which range from long sandy shores to tiny rocky coves.

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This image shows a handful of lonely sunbeds on the golden sand at Chryssi Ammos beach. There are no people around as it is pretty late in the afternoon.
Chryssi Ammos Beach late in the afternoon

There are beaches for all tastes in Andros. Many of them feature beach bars, water sports and music, either loud or relaxing. Others are absolutely unspoilt and laid-back. Similarly, there are beaches within walking distance from the island’s main towns and others which are only accessible by boat or 4×4.

However, there is one thing all of Andros beaches share in common. They have the clearest waters you could ever dream of!

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When To Visit The Best Andros Beaches

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the best beaches in Andros are exposed to strong north winds during summer, especially in August. It’s highly unlikely that you will be able to actually swim at each of the beaches listed here in the summer.

The best time to enjoy Andros beaches to the fullest is June, late spring or early autumn when temperatures allow for a swim in the sea but winds are scarce compared to July and August.

However, we do understand that most, if not all, of you, will probably visit Andros in the summer. That’s why we’re here for! In this guide, you will find everything there is to know about the most spectacular Andros Island beaches, including when to avoid going to each, depending on the winds.

This image shows waves crushing on the fine sand at Large Ateni Beach.
Large Ateni Beach on a windy August day

How To Get To The Best Andros Beaches

Public transport on Andros Island is rather basic. There are a few main bus lines that connect Gavrio Port to a couple of the biggest towns on the island. These buses also serve some beaches en route. To be able to visit most of the best Andros beaches on our list, you’re going to need private means of transport.

Driving is the best way to get to most beaches in Andros, so we would advise you to rent a car for the entire duration of your trip to the island. We wouldn’t recommend renting a scooter in Andros, though. Travelling on two wheels can be quite scary when it’s windy on the island. And it will be windy at some point.

This is a panoramic shot of Vitali Beach late in the afternoon. Vitali is one of the most pristine Andros Beaches.
Gazing at Vitali Beach from the road

Last but not least, hiking can get you to most of the beaches listed here. Andros is a hiker’s heaven as there are more than 160km of hiking trails on the island. Ranging from super easy to quite difficult ones, the paths of Andros await and walking them is a unique way to get to know with the island’s natural beauty.

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The 22 Best Beaches in Andros Greece

1. Chryssi Ammos (Golden Sand or Golden Beach)

There are three main reasons why Chryssi Ammos is by far the most popular of all Andros beaches. First and foremost, it’s the most sheltered beach on the island, even during the worst windy summer days. Secondly, Chryssi Ammos is super easy to get to. Last but not least, the beach is like a giant swimming pool of gorgeous Caribbean-like waters lined by fine golden sand.

However, there are times when we’re not that fond of Chryssi Ammos. It’s not the beach, it’s us. We normally enjoy spending endless hours on the beach hearing nothing but the waves and the turning of our books’ pages. It’s next to impossible to spend an entire day like this at Chryssi Ammos with its young crowds and loud music.

That said, we’ve come to realise that Chryssi Ammos is our favourite beach in Andros, as long as we don’t visit in the morning and at noon. Late in the afternoon, just before sunset, is a magical time to be on this beach. The crowds are gone, the music gets softer and the colours in the sky and on the surface of the sea are just stunning.

This is a panoramic shot of Chryssi Ammos beach at sunset. There are three long rows of sunbeds and straw umbrellas but they are almost empty at this hour. The sea is absolutely calm and there are only a handful of people swimming.
Chryssi Ammos Beach at sunset

2. Vitali, One of The Most Pristine Andros Beaches

Vitali is one of the most pristine beaches in Andros and certainly among those that have a special place in our hearts. It’s one of the best places to spend a relaxing day and, when it’s not windy, Vitali is just perfect for a swim in its enchantingly crystal clear waters. For the brave, there are impressive rocks for playful dives as well.

Another thing we love about Vitali is that getting there is an amazing experience in its own right. The route from Gavrio Port to the beach is among the most scenic ones on Andros Island.

This is an image of Vitali Beach. There are sunbeds and straw umbrellas on the sand. The sea is a wonderful blue colour.
Vitali Beach Andros

3. Zorkos, The Most Exotic of All Andros Beaches

When we first visited Zorkos (also spelt Zorgos), years ago, we just couldn’t believe our eyes. It looked so exotic! The beach’s dazzlingly white pebbles and outrageously turquoise waters render Zorkos one of the prettiest secluded beaches in Andros. At windless summer weekends, Zorkos attracts many people but, due to its large size, the beach rarely feels crowded.

This is a shot of Zorkos Beach at sunset. The beach is absolutely calm with only a few people left at this time of day.
Zorkos Beach at sunset

4. Apothikes Beach

If you are looking for a pristine cove of crystal clear waters and golden sand, then you will most definitely love Apothikes Beach. We know we do. Swimming there is just amazing.

Apothikes is the Greek word for warehouses or sheds. If you take a walk around the beach, you will notice that there are indeed a few small sheds carved into the rock. These sheds were used in the past by sailors and fishermen as a way to keep their boats safe during winter. There are similar sheds on many other Andros beaches as well.

This image shows the turquoise waters of Apothikes beach as they embrace the golden sand.
Apothikes Beach

5. Tis Grias To Pidima

Tis Grias To Pidima Beach is among the most photographed places on Andros Island. Apart from its splendid silver sand and mesmerisingly blue waters, Tis Grias To Pidima is home to an iconic tall rock which stands 20m above the beach. This impressive rock formation has a couple of interesting stories to tell.

Tis Grias To Pidima translates to Old Woman’s Jump in English. Legend has it that when the Ottomans tried to invade an otherwise impossible-to-conquer fort in Andros, they finally managed to do so with the help of a local elderly woman. The latter was afterwards so overcome with guilt that she jumped to her death from a nearby cliff while her body turned into stone: the tall rock we see nowadays.

Another version wants the old woman to jump to her death and turn into stone because she couldn’t bear the loss of her third husband. So, whether it was guilt or loneliness that turned this lady into a rock, we’ll never know for sure but the scenery is stunning anyway.

This is a panoramic shot of Tis Grias To Pidima Beach. It's a windy day so big waves are crashing on the silver hued shore. The 20m rock standing in the sea looks really impressive while people next to it seem super tiny.
Tis Grias To Pidima Beach

6. Gialia Beach

Although situated right next to the main road that connects Chora to Stenies, Gialia is a gorgeous beach, especially at sunset when everything is painted pink and purple.

On a hot summer day consider visiting nearby Stenies Village before heading to Gialia Beach for a refreshing swim. Stenies is a breathtakingly beautiful village of neoclassical mansions and marble squares.

This is a shot of Gialia Beach at sunset. The sea is calm and the horizon is painted in pink.
Gialia Beach at sunset

7. Piso Gialia Beach

Shortly after Gialia, the road leads to the point where the downhill path to Piso Gialia begins. This beach has a unique laid-back ambience that is simply irresistible.

8. Agios Petros (Saint Peter)

Agios Petros is the largest beach in Andros and among the few that would suit all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a cosmopolitan beach with bars and water sports or a peaceful place to read your book in-between swimming sessions, sandy Agios Petros is the ideal beach for you.

Agios Petros is one of the most sheltered beaches in Andros which means that it’s almost always safe to swim there. That said, even if there are no waves in the sea, the wind can still be quite annoying as you’ll literally get slapped on the face by the sand before you realise that its grains are pretty much everywhere. From your teeth to the slightest crease inside your beach bag.

This image shows Maria walking along the shore on Agios Petros beach at sunset. There are no people around and the sand looks outstandingly golden under the setting sun.
Agios Petros Andros at sunset

9. Kypri Beach

Similar to Chryssi Ammos and Agios Petros, Kypri is yet another sheltered beach on the island ideal for water sports lovers. What we love about Kypri is its laid-back ambience and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

This photo shows Kypri Beach, a long sandy beach with beach bars and water sports.
Kypri Beach

10. Syneti, The Most Enchanting of All Andros Beaches

Syneti is probably the most jaw-dropping of all Andros beaches. This secluded beach is a unique nature’s wonder featuring deep green waters, white pebbles and impressive sea caves. Although not often suitable for a swim as it is very exposed to the winds, Syneti is worth the trip for its scenic landscape alone.

Syneti Beach is the natural opening of the stunning Dipotamata Gorge which is dotted with old stone watermills in the midst of lush greenery. The river that runs through the Dipotamata Valley also ends on the beach, thus adding extra charm to this beyond words beautiful scenery, which was also featured in the superb period film, Little England.

This is a shot of Syneti beach, one of the most breathtakingly beautiful of all Andros beaches. The calm sea is an incredible green colour and the sand is white.
Syneti Beach

11. Fellos Beach

Fellos is a long beach which is half pebbly and half sandy. If you prefer the latter, as we do, make sure you find a spot towards the left end of the beach. Fellos never feels crowded and it’s one of the best places to catch a lovely sunset in Andros.

This is a panoramic shot of Fellos Beach.
Fellos Beach Andros

12. Pisolimnionas Beach

Situated a short drive from Fellos on an easy dirt road, Pisolimnionas Beach is ideal for those who seek a remote beach away from the crowds. Protected from north winds, this sandy beach offers one of the most beautiful sunsets.

View of Pisolimnionas Beach from the shore.
Pisolimnionas Beach

13. Vlychada Beach

Although it took us a while to visit this beach, Vlychada became one of our favourite beaches. Vlychada Beach actually consists of two sandy beaches, each of which has its own beach bar.

Panoramic view of Vlychada beach from the road at the top of the hill.
Vlychada Beach

14. Ateni Beach

Ateni is not one but two sandy beaches which are within very easy walking distance from one another. As you look towards the sea, you’ve got a small swimming pool-like cove to your left and a large beach of deep blue waters on your right.

Small Ateni is totally sheltered with shallow waters, thus ideal for everyone, especially families with kids. Large Ateni is a long beach, which is perfect for a relaxing day under the sun.

This image shows Small Ateni Beach from above. The sea is super shallow and the sand is golden.
Small Ateni Beach

15. Nimporio Beach

Nimporio (also spelt Nimborio or Neimporio) is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches in Andros and the ultimate place to see and be seen in Chora during the summer. This long sandy beach is definitely not among the most pristine of Andros beaches yet it has its own unique charm.

First of all, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to swim next to swans there. Secondly, Nimporio enjoys amazing views of the magnificent Old Town of Andros (Chora) with its gorgeous neoclassical mansions.

This image shows two swans walking on the sand at Nimporio beach. In the background, the gorgeous view to the neoclassical mansions that dot Andros Town (Chora).
Nimporio Beach with view of Andros Chora

16. Paraporti Beach

Paraporti Beach boasts a fantastic location with optimal views of Andros Old Town, the ruins of the island’s castle and the iconic Tourlitis Lighthouse. This seemingly endless stretch of golden sand is ideal for long walks by the sea while huge waves crash on the shore in the most dramatic way and ducks play at the nearby river without a care in the world.

It’s not safe to swim in the wild waters of Paraporti when it’s windy as there are strong undercurrents in the area. However, if you do happen to be on this beach on a windless day, don’t miss the chance to swim in Paraporti’s emerald waters under the shadow of the enchanting Chora.

This is an image of Maria walking on the sand at Paraporti Beach. In the background, the gorgeous neoclassical mansion of Chora (Andros Town).
Paraporti Beach and its gorgeous views of Andros Town

17. Kolona Beach

Although just a short walk from vibrant Batsi, Kolona is one of the lesser-known beaches on Andros Island. Kolona (also spelt Colona) is a small sheltered cove with exquisite views of the entire Batsi Bay.

This is a close up of the turquoise waters at Colona Beach.
Kolona Beach

18. Agios Kyprianos (Saint Kyprianos)

This tiny pebbled cove is the best choice for those who love a secluded beach without having to go far to find it. With the picturesque chapel of Saint Kyprianos above it and tall rocks that provide natural shade on both sides, Agios Kyprianos is one of the cosiest beaches in Andros.

This image shows the tiny beach of Agios Kyprianos beach at sunset. We can see the shadows of Maria and Katerina as well as the quaint whitewashed chapel of Saint Kyprianos.
Agios Kyprianos Beach

19. Agia Marina (Saint Marina)

For a totally authentic experience, head to Agia Marina Beach. There you can lay your towel under the thick shade of trees and swim in its crystal clear waters feeling as though the entire beach belongs to you.

This is a panoramic shot of Agia Marina beach with its incredibly turquoise waters.
Agia Marina Beach

20. Chalkolimnionas Beach

Although charming and quite pristine, Chalkolimnionas is our least favourite of all Andros beaches. Truth be told, the weather hardly ever does this beach justice as it is almost always exposed to strong winds. Add to this the fact that there are huge rocks in the sea and you can understand why we don’t particularly love Chalkolimnionas.

That said, we have included Chalkolimnionas in our list of best beaches in Andros because it is a nice place to spend a relaxing day by the sea. Also, we have yet to visit the beach on a windless day. Perhaps we will change our minds if we do.

21. Batsi Beach

Batsi is the most popular town in Andros. It is a favourite among locals and visitors alike for evening strolls and night outings. The town’s main beach is lined with numerous bars and restaurants while there is also an annoying flat stone with hairy sea plants that you need to walk on to get into the sea.

For these reasons, we’re not that fond of Batsi Beach Andros. Yet we do admit that it’s a very good option if you’re staying in or near Batsi and you’re not driving or just don’t feel like moving around much.

This is a snapshot of Batsi Beach at dusk. It's already quite dark so there are absolutely no people on the sunbeds.
Batsi Andros at dusk

22. Achla, One of The Most Difficult Beaches in Andros To Get To

From what you must have understood, we tried to list the best Andros beaches starting with the ones we love the most and going all the way down to the ones we’re not that fond of. Then why on earth does Achla, which is, according to many, the best beach in Andros, come last?

Well, we’ve never been to Achla Beach Andros, that’s why. Normally, we wouldn’t even include a beach we haven’t been to on this list. However, everyone who’s been to Achla swears that it’s the indisputable queen of Andros beaches. Therefore, we just couldn’t leave it out. We just hope we’ll soon see Achla with our own eyes and then we’ll tell you all about it.

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Best Andros Beaches for Families

1. Fellos

Fellos is the ideal place to spend a day on the beach with the kids. The beach is not exposed to north winds, therefore absolutely safe to let the little ones swim and play during summer. The only catch is that you’ll have to bring your own umbrellas, snacks and drinks as there are zero tourist facilities on Fellos Beach.

2. Nimporio

Nimporio is one of the best beaches in Andros if you’re travelling with kids. The beach is sandy and super safe to swim and play. Moreover, the Nautical Club of Andros is situated at the far left corner of Nimporio Beach and there are almost always plenty of local kids who play and swim there. If that’s not a fantastic way for kids to socialise and make memories, we don’t know what is.

This image shows Nimporio Beach. There are people of all ages on the beach. The water is shallow and this is why Nimporio is one of the best Andros beaches for families.
Nimporio Beach is ideal for families travelling with kids.

3. Batsi

Batsi Beach is ideal for families who spend a summer vacation in Andros as the beach is located right in the heart of the town, next to restaurants, shops and, probably, your hotel, as most visitors choose to stay in Batsi. This is tremendously convenient for families with young kids.

Best Andros Beach for Water Sports


If you are quite adventurous and look forward to spending whole days doing water sports, then Kypri is the perfect beach for you. Beach bars in Kypri offer a wide selection of water sports to choose from at quite reasonable prices compared to other islands.

Best Beach Bars in Andros

1. Chryssi Ammos

Chryssi Ammos features the most popular Andros beach club. Loud music, fancy cocktails and young crowds are what you get if you visit Chryssi Ammos roughly between 12:00 and 17:00 every day. Yet the party is at its best (and loudest) at the weekends. In July and August, Chryssi Ammos often hosts DJ gigs and events as well.

2. Vitali

By far our favourite beach spot in Andros is the laid-back bar on Vitali Beach. The latter features a beautifully decorated seating area while it serves delicious warm and cold meals.

This photo shows the seating area of the beach bar at Vitali. There are many people sitting there eating or drinking under the straw roof.
Vitali Andros beach bar

3. Piso Gialia

If you sit back and close your eyes while hanging out at the beach bar in Piso Gialia, you will immediately feel as though you’ve been teleported somewhere in the Caribbean. Is it the reggae music? Or the irresistibly chilled-out ambience? We don’t know, but we love spending time there all the same.

The Most Pristine Andros Beaches

1. Vitali

Vitali is one of the remotest Andros beaches. It’s a site of exceptional natural beauty with tall rocks framing the deep heavenly waters.

2. Zorkos

The most exotic beach in Andros feels like a painting that comes to life once you step foot on its round white pebbles. On a windless day, swimming in the swimming-pool like waters of Zorkos is a unique experience like no other.

This image shows the turquoise waters of Zorkos Beach on a sunny day.
The turquoise waters of Zorkos Beach Andros

3. Tis Grias To Pidima

Few beaches in Andros are as scenic as Tis Grias To Pidima. Furthermore, this beach is one of the few on the island that has remained absolutely unspoilt. There are no beach bars, umbrellas or restaurants around. Only you, the silver sand and the stunning blue sea. Oh and the Old Lady of course.

Which Is Your Favourite Beach in Andros?

Spending lazy hours on the beach is one of the best things to do in Andros. So, now that you know absolutely everything about the most spectacular beaches in Andros, it’s time for you to check them out yourselves! Book your ferry tickets (we usually choose Fast Ferries for our frequent trips to Andros), pack your favourite beach towels and just go.

We’ll be waiting for you to tell us which Andros beaches you liked best in the comments!

If you need more inspiration about Andros, read our full guide with the top things to do in Andros and everything you know about hiking in Andros. For more reading check our guide about how to plan your trip to Greece.

Disclosure: Fast Ferries kindly offered us complimentary tickets to and from Andros for various trips between 2018 and 2019. However, as always, we express nothing but our very own and honest opinion about the experience we had.


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