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Although we’re both born and raised in Athens, Andros Island has gradually become a second home to us and this is why we’re happy to share you with our ultimate travel guide to the best things to do in Andros Greece, an off-the-beaten-path island just two hours away from the Greek capital.

We’re pretty sure that the Greek Islands need no special introduction. Especially the world-famous ones like Mykonos or Santorini. However, there are several Greek Islands which have managed to keep a low profile and offer their visitors authentic and laid-back moments to remember for life.

One of those hidden gems is Andros, which happens to be one of our favourite islands and one that we know extremely well. So, read on to find out what to do in Andros Greece for a fantastic vacation washed in the bright Greek sunlight.

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This image shows the traditional architecture of Andros Town.
Andros Town

Why Visit Andros Island

The second largest of the Cyclades, Andros is unlike any other island in the group. With rivers flowing across its fertile land and mountain peaks disappearing behind the clouds, the raw beauty of the island’s scenery is captivating. Andros is ideal for nature lovers, hikers, and pretty much everyone who dreams of spending their holidays in an authentic destination like no other.

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Top 15 Things To Do in Andros Greece

1. Wander Around Andros Town (Chora), One of The Prettiest Places To Visit in Andros

The main town of almost every Greek Island bears the name of the island itself but it is more often known as Chora or Hora (Χώρα). So, although you’ll probably see it written as Andros Town (or just Andros) on your map, locals and Greeks use the name Chora to refer to the island’s largest settlement.

Having seen many a Greek Island Chora, we can say for sure that the Chora of Andros is among the most enchanting ones. Built on a small peninsula between two long sandy beaches, Andros Town is fascinating in terms of both location and architecture.

Unlike other Greek Islands where small whitewashed buildings dominate, Andros Town is dotted with magnificent neoclassical mansions which date back to the time when the island was a maritime superpower. Just walking around Chora and taking in its old-fashioned charm is one of the best things to do in Andros.

The main street in Chora Andros lined with pastel-coloured neoclassical mansions.
Pastel-coloured neoclassical mansions at dreamy Chora

For a glimpse into the island’s former grandeur, a visit to the sophisticated Andrion Club is literally eye-opening. Andrion Club is one of the oldest yet most progressive social clubs in Greece. It was a place where men, but also women, got together to discuss and entertain themselves.

This image shows the interior of one of the rooms at Andrion Club. There are old-fashioned red armchairs and a French billiard table.
Inside Andrion Club

Any walk around Andros Town starts from pedestrianised Embirikou Street. This is the exact spot where the magic begins since no vehicles are allowed from that point onwards. The street concludes at super quaint Kairis Square where cafés look as though they have sprung out of a 60s Greek movie.

This image shows Kairis Square in Chora Andros, a picturesque square where people hang out at the traditional cafes.
Picturesque Kairis Square in Chora Andros

However, the real magic begins once you cross the arched passageway to the Old Town.

The arched passageway to the Old Town of Andros Island. Wandering around Chora is one of the top things to do in Andros Greece.
Fairytale-like Andros Old Town

Passing one neoclassical mansion after another, you will soon reach the glorious Goulandris Square where the statue of Afanis Naftis (Unknown Sailor) dominates. The area where the marble square now stands used to be occupied by beautiful mansions, but they were all destroyed by bombings during the Second World War. Goulandris Square boasts breathtaking views of Paraporti Beach on the right, Nimporio Beach on the left and the remains of the Lower Castle of Andros at your feet.

Goulandris Square in Chora Andros is a magnificent marble square overlooking the Aegean Sea. The centerpiece of the Square is the tall bronze statue of the Unknown Sailor.
The statue of the Unknown Sailor (Afanis Naftis) dominates Goulandris Square.

If it’s not super windy (which it usually is), you can walk down the steps to take a closer look at the beautiful stone bridge which connects the Castle to Andros Island. Now and then, daredevils cross the bridge and visit the Castle’s ruins. We’ve never done it and we advise you against doing it as well.

Huge waves crashing on the remains of the Lower Castle of Andros.
The Lower Castle of Andros

Once back at Kairis Square, there are two options. Having the arched passageway to your back, go down the steps on your left and spend some relaxing moments listening to the sound of huge waves crashing on Paraporti Beach.

View of Chora and Tourlitis Lighthouse from Paraporti Beach.
View to Chora and Tourlitis Lighthouse from Paraporti Beach.

Alternatively, head in the opposite direction and go down the steps to your right for magnificent views to Panagia Thalassini Church and Tourlitis Lighthouse, the only lighthouse in Europe built on a rock in the middle of the sea. Then walk along the path from Nimporio Old Port to Nimporio Beach where you can either have a swim or catch your breath at one of the beachside bars and restaurants.

Panagia Thalassini and Tourlitis Lighthouse in Andros Town.
Panagia Thalassini Church and Tourlitis Lighthouse in Andros Town

2. Go Hiking

Andros Island is home to a wide network of ancient paths which comprises more than 180km of hiking trails. Simply put, Andros is a hiker’s heaven. With lush valleys, dramatic mountain tops, running rivers and ancient settlements, hiking is one of the most exciting activities in Andros.

Most importantly, hiking on Andros Island is accessible to everyone. There are routes for beginners, advanced and highly-skilled hikers alike. Award-winning Andros Routes, a team of passionate volunteers, is responsible for restoring, signposting and maintaining all those hiking trails.

Hiking Path 7 on Andros Island leading to the archaeological site of Zagora.
Hiking path No 7 with the archaeological site of Zagora in the background

You can add an easy hike or two to your Andros holidays itinerary during the summer. However, if hiking is the main reason you’re visiting Andros Greece, you’ll be better off going in spring or autumn when the weather is mild rather than hot, thus more suited to physical activity.

This image shows Stichiomeni (Haunted) Bridge, a traditional bridge made of stone amidst olive trees and cypresses.
Stichiomeni (Haunted) Bridge. One of many stone bridges we came across while hiking in Andros.

Join a small-group trekking adventure along the Achla River, one of the most fascinating experiences in Andros!

3. Embark On an Incredibly Scenic Road Trip

Andros is a fairly big island and due to its natural morphology, it boasts unbelievably beautiful scenery. High mountain tops, golden-hued slopes and melodious streams are succeeded by green valleys, whitewashed villages and stunning beaches. This ever-changing scenery can be best explored and enjoyed on a road trip.

Therefore, do not hesitate to rent a car during your Andros holidays. A scooter could also be an option but not the best one for two reasons. First of all, many routes involve dirt roads and, secondly, when it’s super windy, riding a scooter can get scary.

This image shows a bare mountain with the blue sea in the background. In the foreground, Katerina's reflection as she snaps a photo with her camera.
Road tripping in Andros

A road trip is among the best things to do in Andros Greece, as it can take you to the remotest villages like Korthi or the most picturesque ones like Stenies, once the wealthiest maritime village, now a perfect example of zero tourist presence. Instead of sticking to public transport routes, renting a car offers the unique opportunity to explore off-the-beaten-path roads with stunning views.

Some of the best scenic routes include:

  • Korthi to Andros Town
  • Gavrio to Vitali
  • Batsi to Andros Town via Katakilos, Arni and Vourkoti villages
A panoramic view of Stenies Village in Andros Greece.
Stenies Village

4. Swim in Crystal Clear Waters At The Remotest Andros Beaches

Andros Island is home to some of the best Greek beaches. That says a lot considering that Greece is so famous for its beaches. There are beaches for all tastes yet visiting a couple of the most secluded ones is a fantastic experience in its own right.

Click here for our complete guide to the 20 best beaches in Andros!

Vitali Beach

Vitali is one of the most impressive Andros beaches. Located in the northeastern part of the island, it’s about 15km from Gavrio, the port of Andros Island. If you’re driving to Vitali, keep in mind that the last part of the route involves about 3km of dirt road. Before going into detail about the beach itself, you should know that the route towards Vitali Beach is perhaps the most scenic one on the island. Suffice it to say that the landscape vaguely reminds of the Scottish Highlands.

This image shows golden-hued low hills.
Amazing landscape on the Gavrio-Vitali route.

Regarding the beach itself, imagine a heavenly setting of sand, small white pebbles, tall rocks, and some of the clearest waters you’ve ever seen. The sea is deep and the brave ones (not us, that is) can dive into the emerald waters from a rock on the far left side of the beach. At the same spot, the rocks form a small cave and a super tiny second beach.

There is a traditional restaurant and a beach bar in Vitali. Moreover, there are sunbeds and umbrellas for a fee. Try to avoid visiting Vitali Beach when there are strong winds as it won’t be easy to swim then.

The whitewashed chapel on the beach at Vitali.
Vitali Beach

Zorkos Beach

Hands down the most exotic of all Andros beaches is Zorkos. A 15km drive from Gavrio, this route also includes 5km or so of dirt road which is in good condition during summer. Zorkos is a very long beach. On its left side, the beach is sandy while on the right half there are white round pebbles which enhance the water’s exotic turquoise colour.

No words can describe the beauty of this beach. You simply have to go see it for yourselves. Plan to spend the whole day there as the beach is also home to one of the best taverns on the island which, alongside delicious food, serves exquisite homemade wine. There are sunbeds and umbrellas available and under no circumstances should you visit Zorkos Beach on a windy day.

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Zorkos Beach at sunset.
Zorkos Beach

5. Taste The Best Traditional Food & Sweets on Andros Island

The typical dish of the island is fourtalia, a special omelette unique to Andros Island. Its main ingredients are local sausages seasoned with aromatic herbs, potatoes, spearmint and, sometimes, chunks of pork. You can ask for a vegetarian version which is made with courgette instead of sausage. However, it’s not 100% sure that the restaurant will accommodate you. Most often your request will be dismissed with a we-are-out-of-zucchini or similar statement.

This is froutalia, the traditional dish of Andros. Also, dakos salad with local cheese.
Traditional fourtalia and dakos salad with local cheese at Platanos in Andros Town

Furthermore, Andros Island produces amazing local cheese. You simply ask for it like that: local cheese (ντόπιο τυρί). Not even locals use the special names attributed to each kind of cheese produced in Andros. The local cheese of Andros is white and it can come in many forms. As a spread, as a feta-like yet softer cheese and in mozzarella-like balls, only a lot smaller. Try it on your Greek salad and you can thank us later.

Fourtalia, Greek Salad with local cheese and exquisite homemade wine at Zorgos Tavern. In the background, Zorkos Beach at sunset.
Fourtalia, Greek Salad with local cheese and exquisite homemade wine at Zorgos Tavern.

Andros is the Greek Island that has Eat Dessert First written all over it. Alongside the typical Greek sweets that you can also find elsewhere in the country, Andros is famous for its French-inspired pastries, too. The reason for this is Ioannis Athinaios, a renowned 19th-century pastry chef, who learnt the secrets of the French pastry art in Alexandria and then went back to his homeland Andros to teach local pastry chefs how to create their own sugar wonders. The rest is sweet history.

There are many mouthwatering sweets to taste while in Andros. Pastitsakia are macaron-like treats and amygdalota are also made of almond and covered in icing sugar. Bananakia (Greek for small bananas) are banana-flavoured marzipan treats covered in dark chocolate. Moreover, Andros Island has a long tradition in spoon sweets (fruit preserves).

However, it’s the fresh pastries that are intertwined with the island’s culture and are considered the most typical sweets of Andros. You can try the chocolate or hazelnut ones but you must save the best for last. The flagship of Andros Island sweets is the pyramid-shaped almond pastry (pasta amygdalou).

This image shows the fresh almond and hazelnut pastries made at Patisserie Lygizos in Chora. Trying the local sweets is among the best things to do in Andros Greece.
When in Andros, a box of fresh pastries is always in our fridge.

6. Listen To The Water Whispering The Island’s Secrets in Apikia

Unlike most of the other Cyclades Islands that are dry and suffer from lack of water, Andros is very rich in water and this is also the reason why the island is graced with such lush greenery. An impressive fact about Andros is that it’s home to ten rivers with continuous flow all year round.

The picturesque village of Apikia is proof that Andros Island has no shortage of water whatsoever. The island’s most famous spring is Sariza and it’s situated in the heart of Apikia Village. The spring provides the island with fresh drinking water, which has proven therapeutic properties. SARIZA WATERS, the factory by the same name which produces high-quality bottled water since 1929, is also in Apikia Village.

This is a close up of Sariza Spring in Apikia. The fresh water runs from a marble lion's mouth. There is a marble pot of flowers in the foreground.
Sariza Spring

Your journey along the island’s water routes doesn’t stop there, though. From the heart of Apikia Village, follow a super easy yet utterly charming signposted path and after 15 minutes or so, you’ll find yourselves at the Pithara Waterfalls, a spot of untouched beauty that locals like to call fairyland.

The Pithara Waterfalls at Apikia village in the midst of lush greenery.
The Pithara Waterfalls

When in Apikia, consider taking a detour to visit the island’s lush Botanical Garden at the nearby Agadaki Estate. The estate is home to more than 150 species of native island plants, a restored 18th-century tower and an olive mill. Overall, it’s a scenic area that evokes nothing but feelings of calmness and joy.

This image shows the restored stone tower amid olive and other trees at Agadaki Estate.
Agadaki Estate

7. Step Inside a Fairytale

If you think that the Pithara Waterfalls is the only dreamy location in Andros, think again. The island’s countryside is dotted with several fairytale-like villages tucked away in the arms of lush valleys and kissed by fresh running streams.

Probably the prettiest village in Andros is Episkopeio, a traditional village built in dark stone amidst glorious cypresses and fragrant fig trees. No vehicle can enter the heart of the village and this is part of its magic. There’s a main cement path zigzagging its way across the entire village until it reaches the ultimate highlight of Episkopeio: the so-called Bridge of Love.

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This image shows the cement path that runs along the entire village. There are cypress trees and dry-stone walls.
The magic of Episkopeio Village

In a setting of exceptional beauty with ivies climbing on dry-stone walls and a stream running at the foot of the mesmerising ruins of an old watermill, you’re going to have to pinch yourselves to make sure you’re not dreaming, as you wander around one of the most enchanting places to visit in Andros.

This image shows the stone Bridge of Love in Episkopeio.
The Bridge of Love

Another village worth visiting for its charms alone is Menites near Chora. Similar to Apikia Village, Menites is famous for its water springs and lush greenery. Even on the hottest of summer days, the tiny square of Menites is a cool haven under the thick shade of century-old plane trees. Of course, don’t forget to snap a selfie with the iconic marble lion heads before you leave Menites.

This is a close up of the lion head springs in Menites.
The lion-head springs in Menites

8. Explore Foros Cave

The impressive Foros Cave is one of the lesser-known caves in Greece, but visiting it is one of the best things to do in Andros Greece. Foros Cave is situated in Aladinos Village near Chora. To get to the cave, you need to cross a beautiful arched bridge, built in 1680 AD by builders coming from the Epirus region, who were renowned for their stonemason skills. From then on, the cobblestone path that leads to the cave coincides with a hiking trail: Andros Route 18a.

This photo shows part of the cobblestone path that leads to one of the lesser-known but very beautiful caves in Greece, Foros Cave on Andros island, Cyclades.
Quaint hiking path 18a leads to the entrance of Foros Cave.

You can visit the cave on a guided tour only, which lasts about 15-20 minutes. During the tour, you get to learn the cave’s history. From how it was first discovered to its inclusion in the official list of caves in Greece by the Hellenic Caving Association, Froso, the local guide, will answer all your questions with a sweet smile. Although not large, Foros Cave abounds in impressive formations such as stalagmites, stalactites, helictites, gours and many more.

This image shows our guide inside Foros Cave shedding light with her torch at some rock formations she wants us to see.
Guided tour inside Foros Cave.

9. Visit Some of The Best Museums in Andros

Andros Island has quite a few interesting museums. First of all, the quaint Agia Irini Monastery near Apikia houses collections of musical instruments, writing equipment and many other treasures. The monastery is no longer inhabited by monks or nuns. Ever since its renovation by Captain Lefteris Polemis and his family, the monastery functions as a cultural hub while serving a high charitable cause by hosting orphans from all over Greece for their summer holidays in Andros.

UPDATE: After the sad passing of Captain Lefteris Polemis in November 2021, we can’t know for sure if those now in charge of Agia Irini Monastery continue to host orphans but we hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that they do fulfill the late Captain’s wish.

This image shows the outside area of Agia Irini Monastery.
Agia Irini Monastery

Andros is an island rich in recent maritime history, a few fragments of which are displayed at the Maritime Museum of Andros in Chora. The latter is open only during the summer months. On the other hand, for a glimpse into the island’s vast agricultural past, don’t miss the chance to visit the Cyclades Olive Museum in Pitrofos Village. Furthermore, the Archaeological Museum of Andros in Chora displays numerous findings that date back to the island’s earliest settlements.

The entrance to the Maritime Museum of Andros Town. Visiting the island's museums is one of the best things to do in Andros Greece.
The Maritime Museum of Andros

Last but certainly not least, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Andros Town is one of the best things to see in Andros. Locals call it Goulandris Museum, after its founder Vassilis Goulandris, one of the greatest Greek shipowners of his time. Together with his wife Elisa, Goulandris founded the museum back in 1979. Ever since then it is a cultural hub of great importance not only for Andros Island but for the entire country as well.

The Museum of Contemporary Art has two wings, one of which houses the permanent collection. The other hosts a special exhibition every summer, which pays tribute to a different distinguished artist each year. We never miss it and we can honestly say that Goulandris Museum has taught us a lot about contemporary art in general.

This image shows the traditionally built buildings that house the collections of the Goulandris Museum.
The Contemporary Art Museum on Andros Island

10. See And Be Seen At Cosmopolitan Batsi

Batsi is the most popular town in Andros. It has the largest number of hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs on the island. Although a bit touristy, Batsi has a nostalgic 80s aura that we find irresistible. In the summer, locals and visitors alike flock to Batsi in the evening for dinner and late-night drinks. Batsi is the place to be for a night out in Andros. Its long sandy beach is perfect for an afternoon stroll but not among the top choices for a swim.

Panoramic view of Batsi at dusk.
Batsi at dusk.

11. Mingle With Locals in Gavrio, One of The Most Authentic Places To Visit in Andros

As mentioned above, Gavrio is the port of Andros Island. It used to be dark and melancholic in the past, but lately, it has become a vibrant yet still laid-back spot. Our favourite combination. We may be biased as we love ports but we absolutely adore Gavrio. Its cafés and restaurants are decorated with taste and we love its local feel and ambience. For magnificent photos, walk to the far left end of the port and keep your camera handy just as the ferry enters Gavrio Port.

The beachside promenade in Gavrio at sunset.
Sunset in Gavrio

12. Marvel At the Tower of Agios Petros, One of The Best Things To See in Andros Greece

When it comes to Andros sightseeing, the Tower of Agios Petros is an essential stop. Boasting a unique strategic position, the Tower was built in the 4th or 3rd century BC. Most probably, its purpose was to control sea and land alike to protect the island from potential invasions. Nowadays, the Tower is among the most popular attractions in Andros.

The remains of the Tower of Agios Petros with the Aegean Sea in the background.
The Tower of Agios Petros and its spectacular views

13. Catch Breathtaking Sunsets

OK, sunsets and sunrises are beautiful everywhere. Fair enough. However, there’s something special about sunsets in Andros. Watching the sun diving into the sea or hiding behind the mountains of Evia is quite a spectacle. The western part of the island enjoys the most stunning sunsets.

A sunset snapshot taken on the Vitali-Gavrio route.
Sunset over Andros Island. The photo was taken on the way from Vitali to Gavrio.

14. Party And Play At The Trendiest Beach Bars

Beaches in Andros are abundant and, as we said earlier, very diverse. Alongside the most secluded ones, there are also beaches which are crowded and know how to party. There are bars on most Andros beaches and some of them play loud music, serve fancy cocktails or even throw parties with guest DJs. You can party at Agios Petros Beach, Piso Gyalia Beach and Apothikes Beach to name but a few.

Apothikes Beach on Andros Island, a secluded beach, yet home to one of the best beach bars on the island.
Apothikes Beach

The most popular of all though is Gold Beach. It’s the top choice for locals and tourists alike because it’s one of the most easily accessible yet stunning beaches in Andros. It lies halfway between Gavrio and Batsi. Most importantly though, it’s one of a handful of beaches that are protected from the strong winds that often blow on the island. Therefore, it’s usually very difficult to find available sunbeds and umbrellas there. Especially in August.

A view of Gold Beach from above at sunset. Most of the sunbeds are by now empty.
Gold Beach

If you are into water sports, Andros is the right island for you, too. You can hire jet-skis, windsurfing boards and so many others we have no idea about at most beach bars, but Kypri Beach boasts the largest selection of water sports on the island.

15. Enjoy The Best Island-Hopping Experience

Island-hopping is among the best things to do in Greece. Andros is the perfect base from where to explore other nearby Greek Islands. Its proximity to Athens and the frequent ferry schedules during the summer months make Andros an island-hopping paradise. Andros is connected to Tinos and Mykonos daily during summer. It also connects to several other islands, such as Paros, Naxos and Syros either on a direct ferry or with a connection.

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Andros Guide

Where Is Andros Island Greece

Just so we are clear, we are talking about Andros in Greece. Therefore, if you’ve already started packing your bags for Andros Island in the Bahamas you’ve been reading the wrong article all this time. I’ve been dying to joke about this since the beginning of this post. Now that we’ve got my super cold joke out of the way, I can go on to say that Andros is the northernmost and second biggest island in the Cyclades complex in the Aegean Sea.

Panoramic view of Chora Andros.
Panoramic view of Andros Town

When To Go And How Many Days in Andros

Andros Island is the ideal summer destination. Its busiest time is in August yet, unlike the majority of Greek Islands, not even then does it feel unbearably crowded. It is a very big and off-the-beaten-path island, which means that there is room for everyone even during peak season.

That said, if you can avoid planning your Greece holidays in August, by all means, do so. Apart from being overcrowded, another thing we hate about the Greek Islands in August is that the weather is usually annoyingly windy.

Let us repeat here that if hiking is the main reason you’re visiting Andros, then you should plan your Andros holidays in spring or, better still, in autumn to enjoy the mildest Andros Island weather imaginable.

As far as the duration of your Andros holidays is concerned, we’d say that anything less than a week wouldn’t do Andros justice, given the island’s size and its abundance of spectacular beaches.

Nimporio Port in Andros Town on a windy day. The sea is fierce and water covers the dock.
Windy Andros weather in August at Nimporio Old Port

How To Get To Andros Island

Sadly, there is no connection between Andros Island and Piraeus, the main port of Athens, which is very easily accessible through public transport. Ferries from Athens to Andros depart from Rafina Port instead which lies 25km east of Athens city centre. However, there are buses that connect Athens to Rafina Port for a very reasonable fee. Click here for the Athens – Rafina Port bus timetable.

There is also a direct bus from Athens Airport to the port of Rafina. For timetables and more information on the latter, click here.

This is Rafina, the port from where you can catch the ferry to Andros Island. There's a red ferry in the background.
Rafina Port

Looking at the Rafina to Andros ferry timetable, it’s easy to see that ferries are very frequent. The journey time is two hours each way. There are a couple of ferry companies which operate services between Rafina and Andros Island. However, we almost always choose Fast Ferries, which are the cleanest and newest ferries on this route. Most of all, though, we are very fond of the Fast Ferries people and their excellent customer service.

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The Fast Ferries ship stops at Gavrio Port.
One of our favourite Fast Ferries

How To Get Around Andros

Public transport in Andros will only get you from the port to the main towns and villages, such as Batsi and Chora, and the most popular beaches in between. By far the best way to get around an island of this size and with so many hidden treasures in every direction is driving.

This image shows a green prairie with a withered tree in the middle.
The rural beauty of Andros Island is unique.

As in most Greek Islands, roads are winding and sometimes you have to drive on the cliff side. There are no road lights at night so you need to be extra careful. Also, extra caution is needed if riding a scooter when strong winds blow. In fact, we don’t recommend scooters for getting around Andros. You’ll be better off with a car.

You can rent a car at Gavrio Port just as you get off the ferry, but it’s best to book your car in advance just so you are on the safe side, especially during high season when available vehicles run out fast.

Epaminondas Bridge, an old stone bridge, among lush greenery.
Hidden gems like Epaminondas Bridge can only be seen on a road trip.

Are you short on time? No worries!
See the best of the island on a full-day tour!

Where To Stay in Andros Greece

Andros is a big island and where you choose to stay has to do with what you expect of your Andros holidays. For the thousandth time, we would like to stress the importance of driving in Andros Greece. That would give you the freedom to stay anywhere you wanted on the island. From laid-back farm stays to tranquil villas lost in olive groves.

However, if driving is not an option, perhaps the best accommodation choice would be near Agios Petros Beach. The latter is very close to Gavrio Port, it has a couple of fantastic places to eat and it is within walking distance from some of the best beaches.

Agios Petros Beach, one of the most popular Andros beaches at sunset.
Sunset on Agios Petros Beach

For nightlife lovers, Batsi would be the best choice. Still, don’t expect the club scene of Mykonos. Andros Island is a lot quieter yet irresistibly authentic. The majority of Andros hotels are in Batsi whose central location makes it an ideal base to explore the entire island.

That said, some of the best hotels in Andros are housed in neoclassical mansions scattered around Chora and you shouldn’t miss the chance to stay in one of those. For example, Egli Hotel features high-ceilinged rooms that are spotlessly clean and clad in an aura of nostalgia. Breakfast is delicious and the staff are super sweet.

If you’re looking for a more easy-going ambience without staying far from the architectural wonder that is Chora though, choose Anemomiloi Andros, a family-run hotel with smartly decorated rooms, a relaxing swimming pool and the kindest owners who will go out of their way to make you feel at home in Andros.

As far as we are concerned, we usually stay in Gavrio. We are lucky enough to have family there and a place to call home.

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Where To Eat & Drink in Andros

Although we like to try new places and tastes every time we visit Andros Island, there are some favourite spots of ours we keep going back to. We’d love to share them with you so here it goes.

Chora & Around

  • Fresco Juice & Salad Bar for the healthiest breakfast and brunch in Andros with plenty of vegan and veggie options.
  • Krisilias for the best handmade cheese pie you could ever dream of.
  • Platanos for a cup of coffee, a glass of beer or a big meze dish in the most picturesque setting and always served with a smile.
  • Ta Skalakia for the best Greek Cuisine in Chora at super generous portions.
  • Endochora for top-quality Mediterranean Cuisine prepared with fresh local products.
  • NeoBar Andros for authentic Italian pizza and Aperol Spritz.
  • Zairis is the dreamiest pastry shop in Andros. From superb handmade ice cream to delicious local sweets, whatever you try there will haunt you for life. Yet the indisputable star is the pastry chef’s signature cake. Don’t leave the island without trying the caramelised almonds and cherry cake.
  • Patisserie Lygizos for delicious desserts, including the best almond pastry on the island.
  • Votsalo Seaside Lounge near Chora is the epitome of beachside relaxation and a place you’ll want to spend an entire day at (Gialia Beach).
This image shows pieces of fried local cheese served with tomato jam and poppy seeds.
Local cheese with a twist at Endochora

Korthi & Around

  • Sea Satin Nino serves exquisite Greek Cuisine with a twist and, although situated in remote Korthi Bay, it’s an essential stop for gastronomy enthusiasts.

Gavrio & Around

  • Eftichia is an all-day hangout, popular with locals and visitors alike and particularly famous for its sweet and savoury treats.
  • Laas Café is open all day for coffee, brunch, drinks, etc, but if there’s one thing you MUST try there, it’s the mouthwatering loukoumades (Greek-style doughnuts).
  • Francesco for the best pizza and pasta on the island.
  • Barkaroutsos for traditional Greek dishes.
  • Hot Spot Pizza Bar is another top place for pizza lovers (Agios Petros Beach).
  • Giannoulis is one of the best traditional restaurants on the island where you can taste authentic Greek food; (Agios Petros Beach).
Fields of gold and the Aegean Sea in the background near Kossis Tavern.
Mesmerising scenery near Kossis Tavern

Batsi & Around

  • Als opens early in the morning for coffee and brunch, but it’s at its best in the evening for a cocktail or two.
  • O,ti Kalo in Batsi serves delicious pasta in a stylish setting with gorgeous views.
  • Rodia for scrumptious pizza and pasta.
  • Agios Kyprianos Restaurant for homemade Greek food (Agios Kyprianos Beach).

NOTE: If visiting outside the high season, perhaps some of these places won’t be open. Please check in advance to avoid any disappointments.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about a Greek Island we hold very dear. Do you know what we sometimes do before visiting a new destination? We watch a film set there to prepare ourselves for what to expect. In the case of Andros, you can watch Little England, one of the best recent Greek films. It’s a period drama that provides insight into the island’s maritime past and how it forged the very essence of the local society. Watch the trailer here.

Better still, you can read the novel the film was based on.
Get your copy here!

Not to brag or anything, but we’re kind of experts on Andros Island. We’ve been there countless times and we will never cease to discover more of its secrets. So, if you’ve read this list of the best things to do in Andros Greece but still have a question or two, feel free to ask us anything in the comments. If you still need help planning your trip to Andros, get help from the most knowledgeable locals, the amazing Explore Andros team. See you in Andros!

Travel Resources For Andros Island

Planning a trip to Andros?
Be inspired by our list of the best novels set in Greece!

Disclosure: Fast Ferries kindly offered us complimentary tickets to and from Andros for various trips between 2018 and 2019. However, as always, we express nothing but our very own and honest opinion about the experience we had. In May 2021, the Cycladic Tourism Network invited us on a press trip to Andros. As a result, we’ve updated this article with some of the places we visited during that particular trip.


  1. Thank you for this very informative and engaging post. We will be spending a month on Andros next summer and will indeed use your thorough guide. Much appreciation to you!

    • Hi Christine, thanks so much for your kind comment! We’re glad you found our article helpful. If you haven’t done so already, have a look at our YouTube video about Andros for more inspiration. We’re sure you’ll love Andros, the island we call our second home 🙂

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  6. John Beugeling Reply

    We want to thank you for this beautiful and detailed article about Andros. We are fanatic hikers and we look forward to our planned vacation at the end of April this year. Can you advise which of the hikes we definitely should include in our program? We will certainly include the tips and advice you have given in this article and we hope that we will become as enthusiastic as you are. Thanks again, regards, John

    • Maria Spyrou Reply

      Hi John! Thank you so much for your kind words! You are going to fall in love with the island and its paths. Sadly, we haven’t done as many hikes as we would like so as to be able to recommend the best ones. But you can check out the Andros Routes website which has all the info you may need or even get in touch with the guys themselves, they are amazing!

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    Thank you for a lovely read about this beautiful Island of Andros.
    We started visiting in 1996 and have been back nearly every year, introducing various friends and relative to its charm.
    We got married in Batsi in 2002 so it has very special memories for us.
    We have explored it from North to South and East to West so your views on it mirror our feeling exactly.
    Well done again on such a great article. We have booked again for June 2020 and taking 2 more friends for the experience this Island has to offer of traditional Greece.
    Next time you are at Zorgos look for the sleeping dragon petrified on the left hand side rock summit.
    Well done once again.

    • Maria Spyrou Reply

      Wow, thank you so much for a wonderful comment! We love Andros very much and we can understand why you chose the island for your special day. Please get in touch when you’re there in June. Perhaps we’ll be there too 😉

  9. Thank you for the very informative post. Andros is the first Greek island I visited 7 years ago and it is where my passion for Greece started. I loved it as it felt totally Greek and a very good place to observe the local culture. Achla was my favourite beach although quite remote. I am going back next year and I’ll use this guide to explore more!

    • Maria Spyrou Reply

      Hi Milena! Thank you so much for your kind comment! We love Andros very much too and we visit very often. This is why we will keep updating this guide and add more content about the island on the blog, so stay tuned!

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