What is Greece to you?

Whitewashed villages perched on top of picturesque islands surrounded by crystal blue sea and caressed by the cool breeze of the Aegean Sea.
Delicious traditional food prepared with love and fresh ingredients.
Long sunny days spent walking around ancient ruins which still breathe history and have a million tales to share.
Warm sweet nights filled with laughter, passionate talk and dancing with friends until dawn.
Fascinating cities where cultural events walk hand in hand with bustling nightlife.

Greece is all of this and a lot more. Let us take you on a trip to our beautiful country. From the most famous destinations to the ones that still remain well kept secrets.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the best Greece has to offer like a local.

The allure of the Ionian Sea is indisputable and our comprehensive Kefalonia Travel Guide is all you need to plan the perfect vacation to the largest of the Ionian Islands, a treasure trove of stunning beaches, natural wonders, lush forests and picturesque towns and villages steeped in history.

The Peloponnese is a land of wonders filled with yet-to-be-explored regions, like the lush Aigialeia Greece. With a quintessentially Greek landscape of vineyards and olive trees alternating in perfect harmony, Aigialeia is one of the lesser-known parts of the Peloponnese, a true slice of heaven for wine enthusiasts and lovers of authentic Greece.