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When we decided to go chasing for the best beaches in Puglia, we were surprised at ourselves. You see, born and raised in Greece as we are, whether a country we choose to travel to is famous for its beaches or not has never been a factor for us. We’ve always thought that our own country is home to the most spectacular beaches in the world. Although this sounds narrow-minded, to a large extent, it is actually true.

However, our 2-week long trip to Puglia proved us wrong. Surprise! There are indeed equally (if not more) gorgeous beaches elsewhere in the world, too. So, here’s our guide to the best beaches in Puglia, one of Italy’s most laid-back and authentic regions.

This image shows Spiaggia degli Alimini, a beach of fine white sand.
Spiaggia degli Alimini

So, the fact that, up until our eye-opening trip to Puglia, we never planned a trip abroad so as to go swimming, meant that we went to Puglia in late April – early May. Which, in its turn, meant that we didn’t enjoy the region’s beaches as much as we’d like. The weather was quite warm, but not warm enough for two spoiled Greeks to soak in the crystal clear waters of some of the best Puglia beaches.

The fact that we visited Puglia in mid-spring is also the reason why you will notice that some beaches look rather untaken care of or deserted in the photos. None of those beaches is THAT tranquil in the summer. Looking back, we’d definitely plan this trip in June so as to have the best of two worlds: enjoy Puglia’s pristine beaches to the fullest but without the peak season crowds.

This image shows the quaint little port at Tricase Porto. There are people lying down, taking in the sun and others who swim in the emerald waters.
Chilling at Tricase Porto

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12 Best Beaches in Puglia Italy

We decided to list these 12 best beaches in Puglia in the order we visited them during our 15-day road trip across the region. To make it easier for you, just keep in mind that the beaches listed here appear in the order they would appear on a map if we set Polignano a Mare as the starting point and Punta Prosciutto as the ending point.

Moreover, we did our best to include both beaches that are easily accessible on foot from city centres and others which are accessible by car or public transport. If driving, use a GPS device or Google Maps rather than rely on road signs.

1. Lama Monachile or Cala Porto

Most probably these names don’t ring a bell to you. However, this is perhaps the most recognisable beach (and destination) in the entire region. Although the beach has two names, everybody calls it by the name of the location instead: Polignano a Mare Beach.

Cala Porto is one of the best beaches near Bari and one of the most spectacular we have seen in our lives. The beach enjoys a unique location with cliffs holding the stunning Old Town on their shoulders looming above it. Swimming in the emerald waters while gazing at a centuries-old Italian city doesn’t happen every day, does it?

This is a panoramic shot of Polignano a Mare on a cloudy and windy day. There are quite a few people hanging out on the beach as the weather is not suitable for a swim. On both sides of the beach stand tall cliffs with buildings on top.
Polignano a Mare

That said, Lama Monachile is not so much about the swimming experience as for the beach itself. Hanging out on the large pebbles among happy locals is priceless. If you decide to go for a swim though, sea shoes might be a great idea as pebbles tend to get bigger and bigger the more you approach the water. Strangely, Cala Porto has no entrance fee. There are toilets but no sunbeds/umbrellas. The beach is just outside the historic centre of Polignano a Mare so it’s super easy to reach on foot.

This photo was taken from the beach at Polignano a Mare. The view to the Old Town is amazing. The beautiful old buildings seem as though they are hanging from the cliff above the beach.
View to the historic buildings of Polignano a Mare from the beach

2. Grotta della Poesia

Situated in Roca Vecchia, a seaside location of great archaeological significance, this is not a beach but a natural pool of unique beauty that does justice to its name: Cave of Poetry. Diving in its crystal clear waters from the cliffs above is not for the faint of heart.

However, adventurous people from all over the world do so and love it. For the rest of us, access to the water can be achieved after walking a tiny path that leads to some rocks just above sea level. Again, sea shoes are not a bad idea because the rocks are quite slippery.

This is a panoramic shot of Grotta della Poesia. It is a natural pool surrounded by very tall cliffs from where some people are ready to dive in its emerald waters.
Grotta della Poesia

There is no entrance fee and no services. There is no beach, actually. Just this wonder of nature in the middle of nowhere. From Lecce, it takes 30′-40′ by car or 1h 15′ by bus to get to the Grotta della Poesia. From Otranto, it is a 30′ drive or a 45′ ride on the bus.

This image shows the wider area of Roca Vecchia. There are rocks with low vegetation above the emerald sea.
Roca Vecchia

3. Torre dell’Orso

Torre dell’Orso is a dreamy almost 1km long beach with white sand. It is one of the most popular sandy beaches in Puglia. Therefore, during peak season, its many beach clubs can get super crowded. Towards the southern end of the beach, one can marvel at Le Due Sorelle (The Two Sisters), a pair of rocks just off the shore that has a rather sad story to tell.

Legend has it that two girls were swimming in the wild sea and when they realised that they wouldn’t be able to make it to shore, the gods turned them into these impressive rocks in the sea. Nowadays, Le Due Sorelle have become one of the symbols of Salento and Puglia in general.

This is a photo of Torre dell'Orso beach. It is a very long beach with white sand. The photo was taken on a sunny yet rather windy day. Therefore, there are waves in the sea and hardly a soul on the beach.
Torre dell’ Orso

It is free to visit Torre dell’Orso but there is a fee if you want to use sunbeds/umbrellas. It is a 30′-40′ drive or 1h by bus from Lecce to get to the beach. From Otranto it takes 30′ to reach Torre dell’Orso either by car or by bus.

4. Spiaggia degli Alimini

The Alimini Lakes is an area of great natural importance in Puglia which consists of two lakes surrounded by thick forest. The entire area is a natural reserve that welcomes many species of migratory birds. The nearby Spiaggia degli Alimini is a superb beach of fine sand that stretches for more than 5km.

Complete with sand dunes and a thick pine forest, this beach is also ideal for windsurfing lovers. This super long beach has many spots where you can hang out for free but there are also many beach clubs along its entire length where you can rent sunbeds/umbrellas for a fee. Spiaggia degli Alimini lies just 15′ north of Otranto either by bus or by car.

This is photo of Spiaggia degli Alimini. There are tall trees right on the white sand which create thick shade.
Spiaggia degli Alimini

5. Baia dei Turchi & Caletta Toraiello

There is a good reason why we’ve listed these two beaches together. First of all, they are very close to one another. To be precise, one is the natural continuation of the other. Secondly and most importantly, while we were looking for Baia dei Turchi, we ended up in Caletta Toraiello. In fact, for quite some time we thought that we had indeed found Baia dei Turchi. We know what you think: LOL.

But, please, don’t laugh, it was an honest mistake. The thing is that, if arriving by car, the parking lot is separated from the beach and the sea by a thick pine forest. One needs to walk along tiny paths in the forest to reach the beach. Depending on the direction you choose, you will end up at one of the two beaches or even at Spiaggia dei Porticcedhri, a third one.

This is a photo of a path that leads to the beach through the forest.
Running to the sea

Baia dei Turchi is one of the most popular beaches in Puglia and is in essence the continuation of Spiaggia degli Alimini to the South. It is said that it was on this beach that the Ottomans landed in 1480 on their way to conquest Otranto. Hence its name. As far as access and services are concerned, they are the same as in Spiagga degli Alimini.

This photo shows the rock formations near Baia dei Turchi.
Near Baia dei Turchi

Our honest mistake was one that we will never regret. If we hadn’t taken this slight detour we would never have enjoyed the charms of Caletta Toraiello. For us, the latter is one of the best Puglia beaches we saw during our trip. The beach itself is super tiny but the water is utterly clear and inviting. Furthermore, this gem of a beach is situated in an area of impressive rock formations and hidden natural pools. There is no entrance fee or any facilities. Access is the same as for Baia dei Turchi.

This image shows Caletta Toraiello, a pristine beach close to Baia dei Turchi beach. Although still a well kept secret, Caletta Toraiello is one of the best beaches in Puglia Italy.
The gorgeous Caletta Toraiello

6. Spiaggia della Riviera degli Haethei & Spiaggia degli Scaloni

It must be obvious by now that Otranto is the ideal base from where to explore the best beaches in Puglia. However, Otranto itself is home to a couple of beautiful beaches right in the heart of the city centre. The two Otranto beaches are adjacent to one another and boast incredibly clear waters that one would never expect to see on a beach that forms part of a city.

They are ideal for families with small children as the waters are not only clean but also very shallow. Of course, both beaches get really crowded so try to be there very early in the morning or in the evening if visiting during peak season. There is free access and also sunbeds/umbrellas for a fee. You can get to both of Otranto’s beaches on foot from the Old Town.

This is a photo of the sandy beach in the heart of Otranto. The waters are shallow and crystal clear. In the background, Otranto shines bright white in the afternoon sun.

7. Porto Badisco

Porto Badisco is a secluded cove with emerald waters, ideal for a relaxing escape on the beach. There are a couple of restaurants and cafés if you want to grab a bite or relax in the shade for a while. There is no entrance fee but you need to pay if you want to use sunbeds/umbrellas. From Otranto, you can get to Porto Badisco in 15′ by car and 25′ by bus respectively.

This is a photo of Porto Badisco. It is a small cove with rocks on both sides and emerald waters.
Porto Badisco

8. Tricase Porto

Tricase Porto got us under its spell instantly and it is definitely among our favourite places in Puglia. It comprises a tiny port with crystal clear emerald waters and a small yet stunning sandy beach at one end of the port. There are a couple of restaurants on the small port, serving mostly seafood and cold beer.

All this creates a carefree ambience of endless summer that is hard to put into words. If this isn’t heaven on earth, we don’t know what is. The beach is free to the public and there are no services. Tricase Porto is 25′-30′ by car or 40′ by bus from the coastal town of Santa Maria di Leuca.

This image shows the small beach at Tricase Porto. The beach is sandy and the waters are emerald. The beach overlooks the port and the wide sea beyond. To our humble opinion, this is one of the best beaches in Puglia Italy.
The beautiful beach at Tricase Porto

9. Piscina Naturale di Marina Serra

As its name suggests, this is a natural swimming pool of outstanding beauty. The small pool is surrounded by cliffs and its waters are incredibly clear. It is the ideal place to relax under the sun, while it is also perfect for children to play around in its shallow waters. There is no entrance fee or any facilities. It takes 25 to 30 minutes by car or 45 minutes by bus to reach Marina Serra from Santa Maria di Leuca.

This is a photo of Marina Serra, a natural swimming pool of unique beauty. The waters are shallow and crystal clear. The pool is enclosed by cliffs, beyond which there is the open blue sea.
Marina Serra

10. Spiaggia della Purità

Another fine example of a wonderful beach which is located just a stone’s throw from a gorgeous Italian Old Town is Spiaggia della Purità in Gallipoli. The long sandy beach boasts a fantastic location and exquisite views of the breathtakingly beautiful architecture of the historic centre of Gallipoli.

Whether you are in the mood for a swim or not, Gallipoli Beach is the place to be during sunset when the sky and the sea play the leading parts in an epic spectacle of light and colour. There is no entrance fee or beach services. The beach is accessible on foot from the very heart of Gallipoli Old Town.

This is a shot of Gallipoli Beach with the historic buildings above it.

11. Spiaggia di Santa Maria Al Bagno

Yet another place in Puglia that features a gorgeous beach right in the heart of the town is the picturesque Santa Maria Al Bagno. This ancient fishing village boasts an amazing beach with crystal clear waters surrounded by cliffs and wonderful old mansions. There is no entrance fee or sunbeds/umbrellas. Santa Maria Al Bagno is a 20′ drive or a 25′ bus ride from Gallipoli.

This is a panoramic shot of Santa Maria Al Bagno. The sea has an incredibly emerald water. In the background, colourful mansions soar above the sandy beach.
Santa Maria Al Bagno

12. Punta Prosciutto

Punta Prosciutto, although quite popular, is one of the most pristine beaches in Puglia. For the most part, the beach is free and unspoilt, with only a few spots occupied by beach clubs. The crystal clear light blue waters and the tall sand dunes render Punta Prosciutto one of the most exotic beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. There is no entrance fee and you can rent umbrellas/sunbeds. You can reach Punta Prosciutto after driving for about 45′ or riding the bus for 1h 45′ from Gallipoli.

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This is an image of Punta Prosciutto beach on a rainy day. There isn't anyone on the sandy beach and there is sea weed on shore.
Off-season Punta Prosciutto

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This list of the best beaches in Puglia is not exhaustive.
We’d very much welcome the opportunity to visit Puglia again to get to know more of its hidden treasures and pristine beaches.
Until then, we can’t wait to hear which are the best Puglia beaches for you in the comments!

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