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This guide to the best things to do in Liberec aims to show you around one of the Czech Republic’s best-kept secrets.

When considering a trip to the Czech Republic, Prague is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, there’s so much more to see in this landlocked country in the heart of Europe than just its – undoubtedly – breathtaking capital. The region of Liberec is among the least-known places to visit in the Czech Republic yet one that showcases the culture and traditions of an entire country in the most eloquent way.

Whether you’ve heard of this Czech region before or not, reading this article about what to do in Liberec is sure to make you start planning a trip to this hidden gem that’s nestled in the embrace of Central Europe, patiently waiting to be discovered. By checking out the best things to do in Liberec, you inevitably come closer to the very essence of the Czech Republic itself. Are you ready for this fascinating trip? Let’s go!

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Where Is Liberec

The Liberec region is situated in the northernmost part of the historical region of Bohemia, right at the spot where the Czech Republic meets Germany and Poland. The region’s capital is also named Liberec and it’s the fifth-largest city in the Czech Republic.

Why Visit Liberec

If you’re looking for reasons to visit Liberec, you’ll find plenty. First of all, the city of Liberec is a fantastic place to visit in its own right. No matter the city’s compact size, there are several attractions in Liberec to keep you busy and excited and we’ll look into the best among them in our list of the top things to do in Liberec below.

This image is a close up of the colourful buildings' facades in the main square. Admiring the diverse architecture is one of the top things to do in Liberec.
The colours of Liberec

Outside of the city, the rest of the region is a land of wonders, where cultural treasures and untouched scenery compete. First of all, the region of Liberec is home to the so-called Crystal Valley. Similar to Karlovy Vary, this is an area of outstanding natural beauty with unique glassmaking traditions that go back centuries, making North Bohemia world-renowned for its unparalleled glass art.

Moreover, this region is graced with spectacular scenery where majestic mountains, incredible rock formations, dreamy meadows and tranquil ponds create the perfect setting for an active vacation amidst a miraculously untouched landscape.

For us, the main reason to visit Liberec though is that it’s a fine example of responsible tourism. Not only is Liberec an off-the-beaten-path destination but it also strives for its sustainability by preserving its century-old traditions and crafts, keeping the production of handmade local items in the Czech Republic and encouraging younger generations to continue the area’s legacy and evolve.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the top 13 things to do in Liberec!

13 Amazing Things To Do in Liberec & The Crystal Valley

1. Marvel at The Liberec City Hall & The Main Square

The most striking attraction in the heart of Liberec City is, without a doubt, the stunning City Hall. This Neo-Renaissance masterpiece was built between 1888 and 1893 and it’s known for its elaborate facade and gorgeous stained-glass windows.

If you feel that the City Hall of Liberec reminds you of another similar building, you’re not mistaken. It looks very much like the imposing Vienna City Hall. You see, the architect of Liberec City Hall was an apprentice of the architect that designed the Vienna City Hall.

This is a vertical picture that shows the facade and the three towers of the Town Hall. There is a clock on the central tower and the facade is richly decorated.
The City Hall’s elaborate facade

You don’t want to miss a visit to the Liberec Town Hall for two reasons. First of all, for a glimpse at the glorious ceremonial hall where weddings and other ceremonies take place. Secondly, for the splendid panoramic views you can enjoy from the viewing platform on the building’s tower. To reach the latter, you have to climb 187 steps but the views are absolutely rewarding.

This image shows the ceremonial hall of the Town Hall in Liberec. The ceremonial hall is made of wood and there are four large stained-glass windows.
The City Hall’s ceremonial hall

There are specific dates and times that you can visit the City Hall and a reservation in advance is necessary. Click here for more information. However, even if you don’t manage to visit the interior of the Liberec City Hall, the square dominated by the magnificent building is worth a visit in its own right, whether you are an architecture lover or an avid Marvel fan.

The beautiful Benes Square with its colourful buildings and impressive Fountain of Neptune is where Spider-Man: Far From Home was set. Liberec in general and the City Hall in particular are often used as the backdrop for local and international film productions.

This image shows the main square of Liberec. It was taken from the Tower of the Town Hall on a rainy day.
View of Benes Square from the City Hall Tower

2. Watch The Sunset From Jested Tower

The indisputable symbol of Liberec and North Bohemia is the futuristic and spaceship-like Jested Tower. Inaugurated in 1973, this imposing building that dominates the Bohemian landscape is a TV tower, a hotel and a restaurant, all in one.

But, above all, Jested Tower is the region’s most spectacular viewpoint. The breathtaking views it offers know no borders and include the glorious landscapes shared by the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.

This image shows the sunset from the Jested Tower. The valley is green with some hills in the background. There are small clouds in the sky and some little ones on the top of the hills.
Breathtaking views from Jested Tower Liberec

The best time to visit Jested is sunset when the tower and the surrounding scenery are dyed in all hues of pink and gold. However, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, consider spending the night at one of the on-site hotel’s rooms, making sure you set your alarms just before sunrise. The spectacle is worth the early wake-up call!

This is a vertical image that shows Jested Tower. The Tower has the shape of a cone. Visiting Jested Tower is one of the best things to do in Liberec.
Jested Tower at sunset

3. Step Inside a World Made of Glass: Explore The Crystal Valley

Since the second half of the 17th century, glassmaking has been a thriving business in this part of the world. By the 18th century, the famed Bohemia crystal was exported to all corners of the globe. Masters, designers and artists have lived and worked in the Crystal Valley for centuries on end. Nowadays, the amazing crafts of glassblowing and costume jewellery live on.

No trip to Liberec is complete without a tour of the magnificent Crystal Valley. This area of remarkable natural beauty has the largest number of glass, chandelier and fashion jewellery companies than anywhere else in the world.

Exploring the Crystal Valley means that you can visit several museums, shops, glass workshops and schools where you can learn everything about the traditions of glassmaking in the Czech Republic.

This image shows a close up of a small jellyfish made of glass.
The Crystal Valley is an enchanting world made of glass

Below you will find a selection of the many places you can visit in the Crystal Valley. How many of these you choose to visit during your trip to Liberec is entirely up to your interests and preferences.

The important thing to remember here is that all of these businesses are doing their best to preserve the rich culture of the region, encourage young people to learn the craft and keep production in the Czech Republic. In other words, they support the local economy and work towards a sustainable tourism model at the same time.

To visit these places in the Crystal Valley, you can either rent a car or use public transport from the city of Liberec. Some of these places are open every day but others accept visitors by reservation only. Please refer to the individual websites for more information.

Pacinek Glass

One of the best introductions to the fascinating world of the Crystal Valley is a visit to Pacinek Glass in the village of Kunratice u Cvikova. Jiri Pacinek, the owner, is a passionate glassmaker. It’s no overstatement to say that he has created his very own sparkling universe made of glass.

This image shows a blue glass vase. A few glass jellyfish are blown in the vase.
One of the countless gorgeous glass creations at Pacinek Glass

Apart from the family-run glass workshop and the exhibition area where you can marvel at and buy unique handmade glass creations, Pacinek Glass is also home to a dreamy glass garden, ideal for a stroll that will make you feel as though you stepped inside a fairy tale.

This image shows the glass garden at Pacinek Glasswork. There are many plants made of glass.
The glass garden

Last but not least, the nearby 19th-century Holy Cross Exaltation Church has been turned into a mystical Crystal Temple after Jiri installed more than 300 of his glass masterpieces within its walls.

This image shows the interior of the church next to Pacinek Glasswork. The church is decorated with glass art.
Inside the Crystal Temple

Lasvit Ajeto Glassworks

Glass-making is a magical process by which sand is turned into art. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The best way to learn everything about this century-old craft is to watch the process of glassmaking from start to finish during a guided tour of the Lasvit Ajeto Glassworks in the town of Lindava.

This image shows the working lab in the Lasvit Ajeto factory. There is a man working on a big oven made of bricks and there are two other people near the oven talking to him.
Work in progress

After the tour, stop by the Glassmaker’s Pub to enjoy your meal while watching glassblowers create small shiny wonders. At the pub, you can also taste the glassmaker’s beer.

This is a special type of low-alcohol beer that glassmakers are allowed to drink while working as the minerals included in the brew protect them from the excessive heat and dehydration caused by working near the super hot furnaces.

This image shows the pub in Lasvit Ajeto factory. There are many wooden tables with people having lunch and drinking beer. In the background, there is a small oven and a setting for glassblowing exhibitions.
Cherishing the warmth of the Glassmaker’s Pub


If Pacinek Glass and Lasvit Ajeto Glassworks offer a glimpse into traditional glassmaking methods and smaller-scale projects, the Lasvit company headquarters in Novy Bor look towards the future by undertaking large-scale glass and lighting installation projects for high-end clients from all over the world and setting the foundations for a sustainable business that boosts the local economy.

This image shows the Lasvit headquarters building. The building is mostly made of wood and there is a new extension made of glass.
The beautiful building that houses the Lasvit company headquarters

Crystal Paradise

Considered the kingdom of glass, beads and costume jewellery, Jablonec nad Nisou is a quaint town in the heart of the Crystal Valley. While there, you can visit Crystal Paradise, where the works of small and large local companies are displayed. In Crystal Paradise, you can buy Made in Jablonec products or attend a workshop and make your own jewellery.

Crystal Paradise safeguards the interests of the Union of Glass and Fashion Jewellery Producers. The latter holds various events throughout the year in an effort to bring people closer to these century-old crafts and traditions. One of the most prestigious events is the Crystal Valley Week which takes place every August.

This image shows a close up of a small glass dog.
A glass dog in Crystal Paradise

Museum of Glass & Jewellery

While in Jablonec nad Nisou, don’t miss the chance to visit the Museum of Glass & Jewellery. The museum houses a vast collection of glass ornaments and fashion jewellery that narrates the history of both local and international glass art. The museum is also home to the largest public collection of glass Christmas ornaments in the world, transferring visitors to a world where Christmas never ends.

Read more about Bohemia glassware and the Crystal Valley here.

This image shows colourful Christmas ornaments displayed in the Museum of Glass and Jewellery. Shopping Christmas ornaments is one of the most unique things to do in Liberec.
Christmas never ends at the Museum of Glass & Jewellery

4. Stroll around Liberec City

One of the best things to do in Liberec is to stroll around the quaint city, taking in the diversity and charm of its architecture at every turn as the old-fashioned narrow-gauge tram adds to the overall nostalgic feeling. Some of the most striking things to see in Liberec City are the Church of Saint Anthony the Great and Liberec Castle.

This is a vertical photo of Saint Anthony the Great church in the centre of Liberec. The image shows the facade and the main entrance of the church.
The Church of Saint Anthony the Great

5. See The Wallenstein Houses

A few steps from the City Hall, the oldest residential buildings in Liberec await. Built between 1678 and 1681, the half-timbered Wallenstein Houses are the sole survivors of this architectural trend. Back in the day, craftsmen lived in those houses that now only their facades stand.

This is a vertical picture of the Wallenstein Houses. The houses are wooden and they are situated in a narrow cobbled street.
The Wallenstein Houses

6. Learn about The City’s Past as a Textile Superpower

From the 18th century onwards, Liberec was home to a thriving textile industry. Hence its nickname as the Manchester of Bohemia. In the 19th century, Liberec flourished. It was then that Johann Liebieg and his brother Franz founded a textile company there, turning Liberec from an unknown town into a modern, wealthy city.

Business for the Liebieg family was so successful that they built an entire town to house their textile factory’s employees and their families. The so-called Liebieg Town still retains its old-fashioned charm and it’s one of the best places to visit in Liberec.

This image shows a part of Liebeg Town. Below the central building, there is a passage for cars and pedestrians.
Liebieg Town

Apart from the town they built for the working class, the Liebieg family also constructed several villas for themselves. Those are now scattered across the city. One of the finest examples is the Villa of Theodor Liebieg junior, Johann’s grandson. 

This image shows the Liebeg Villa. The villa is white with some stone decorations and a grey roof. A part of it has wooden frameworks.
Liebieg Villa

7. Discover The Quirkiest Bus Stop

David Cerny is a Czech sculptor, mostly known for the quirky works of art that are scattered across Prague. However, one of his most known creations is in Liberec. The Feast of Giants is a symbolic piece of public art but also a fully functional bus stop.

This image shows a bronze bus stop which is called The Feast of Giants. There are five bronze chairs for people waiting the bus. And on the bus stop, there are bronze objects like a beer, a bottle, a plant etc. A man is walking towards the bus stop.
The Feast of Giants

8. Visit The North Bohemian Museum

One of the best museums in Liberec is the North Bohemian Museum. Founded in 1873, the museum houses several collections that range from natural science to history and the arts.

Probably the most striking of all of the museum’s exhibits is the world’s longest glass ladder. This 26-meter ladder that looks as though it’s made of stainless steel is entirely made of glass and it adorns the museum’s tower. The latter offers spectacular views of Liberec and the surrounding mountains. 

This image shows a glass ladder next to the staircase of the tower in the North Bohemian Museum.
The North Bohemian Museum’s glass ladder

9. Stand in Awe Before Nature’s Grandeur at Panska Skala

The Liberec region is home to natural landmarks of unfathomable beauty. Among them, Panska Skala stands out.

Panska Skala is a complex of basalt columns similar to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. This dramatic natural sculpture was created millions of years ago as a result of volcanic activity. Throughout the centuries, people damaged Panska Skala by using it as a quarry. Nowadays, this area is protected and never fails to stun visitors and passers-by.

This is a drone shot of Panska Skala. The image shows the rock formation, next to a small lake and a walking path. In the background, there is a small village.
Nature at its best

10. Hike Amidst a Forest of Rocks in The Bohemian Paradise

Declared the first natural reserve in the Czech Republic, the Bohemian Paradise is a protected landscape park in the heart of Bohemia. As its name suggests, the Bohemian Paradise is a place of utter beauty where valleys, meadows, and ponds compose a beyond words charming scenery. However, what makes the Bohemian Paradise unique is its spectacular sandstone rock formations.

This image shows the view of a valley in the Liberec region. The photo was taken from the rocks in the Bohemian paradise.
Gorgeous views at the Bohemian Paradise

Walking among these tall rocks feels as though you’re suddenly in a stone forest of sorts, a place that could only exist in a myth. A striking example of nature’s grandeur is the so-called Cold Passage. This impressive gorge has a total length of 125 metres. The height of its walls reaches up to 15 metres, plunging into darkness the narrow passageway that runs between them. 

This image shows the entrance to the Cold Passage in the Bohemian Paradise.
Would you walk through the Cold Passage?

11. Wander Around Sychrov Castle

One of the many historical monuments that you can visit in the Bohemian Paradise is the gorgeous Sychrov Castle. This Neo-Gothic castle dates back to the second half of the 19th century. Sychrov Chateau, as it’s also called, houses the largest collection of French paintings in Central Europe, features original furniture and boasts a splendid English garden.

You can visit the interior of the castle on a guided tour only. Do check the official website in advance and make a reservation. However, you can roam around the castle’s glorious gardens on your own. 

This is a drone shot that shows Sychrov Castle. In front of the castle there is a garden of rectangular shape and in the background there is another garden.
The grandeur of Sychrov Castle

12. Relax at The Harcov Water Reservoir

Not far from Liberec City, the Harcov Water Reservoir awaits for a peaceful stroll in a relaxing setting. Built between 1902 and 1904, the Liberec Dam, as it’s also known, looks lovely any time of the year. The area is the ideal place to enjoy a nature walk without heading far from the city centre.

13. Plan Your Next Active holidays

Whether hiking, cycling, climbing or cross-country skiing is your thing, the stunning natural setting and the lack of holiday-making crowds are the two main reasons why you should consider the Liberec region for your next adventurous trip.

How To Get To Liberec

It’s only an hour’s drive or bus ride from Prague to Liberec. As much as we love a train ride, taking the train from Prague to Liberec isn’t recommended because the journey on the Prague to Liberec train takes three to four hours. You can also reach Liberec by car from neighbouring Germany or Poland.

Buy your tickets for the Prague to Liberec bus or rent a car here.

This image was taken from the car on our way to Jested Tower. It was a rainy day and the photo shows a double rainbow over the road while we were driving.
A lovely surprise on our way to Liberec

Where To Stay in Liberec

The best place to use as a base to explore the region of Liberec is the city of Liberec itself. During our recent trip to Liberec, we stayed at Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial. We don’t think we could have stayed at a better hotel.

Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial is a centrally located hotel housed in a 1930s building that was designed to be a hotel right from the start. There are various room types available, all of which are utterly comfortable and impeccably clean.

Another thing that we loved about this hotel was its breakfast. Unlike other similar-sized hotels where breakfast is usually low-quality and very standard, at Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial, breakfast is prepared with good-quality ingredients and features a remarkable variety. There’s even a waffle-making station and prosecco. Need we say more?

Book your room at Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial, one of the best hotels in Librerec, here.

This image shows our double room at Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial in Liberec. There is a huge bed with a little teddy bear between the pillows. There is cladding on the wall over the bed. Next to the bed there is a puprle armchair, a wardrobe and a brown desk.
How cosy is this?

Where To Eat in Liberec

We found food in Liberec to be quite meat-focused but there were veggie options at every restaurant we tried. When in the Czech Republic, the commonest vegetarian dish is fried or grilled cheese with a side of potatoes or salad. Here’s a list of some of the best restaurants in Liberec:

  • Radnicni Sklipek for traditional Czech cuisine in a cellar-like setting with vaulted ceilings, only a few steps from the City Hall in Liberec.
  • Potrefena Husa in the heart of Liberec City for veggie pasta dishes (if you need a break from the fried cheese delicacy at some point) and excellent service. For the latter, ask for Dan!
  • Jested Tower Restaurant for a fancy dinner over the clouds.
  • Na Krasne Vyhlidce for delicious dishes in a rustic setting with inescapably authentic vibes, near the Cold Passage hiking trail.
  • Q Burger in Jablonec nad Nisou for a burger pit stop while exploring the Crystal Valley.
This image shows a vegetarian dish with grilled cheese and vegetables.
A delicious vegetarian dish at Na Krasne Vyhlidce

If you, like us, are excited by the idea of uncovering the secrets of lesser-known destinations, trying authentic experiences and helping local communities grow their economies, preserve their old traditions and achieve sustainability, you will most definitely enjoy a trip to Liberec.

This guide to the most amazing things to do in Liberec is just the beginning of your journey. The essence of your quest lies in the people you will meet along the way, the landscapes you will capture with the eyes of your soul and the feelings that this blessed land will evoke in your hearts.

Travel Resources For Liberec Czech Republic

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As for Prague, you can’t miss the city’s best photo spots!

Disclosure: We compiled this list of the best things to do in Liberec and the Crystal Valley after visiting the region on a press trip organised by Visit Czech Republic, Liberec Region, Crystal Valley and Traverse Events. As media and marketing specialists, we often visit destinations on press tours or as part of marketing campaigns. Under no circumstances does this affect our opinions about the places we visit and the experiences we try. Rest assured that you will find nothing but honest reviews throughout our content.

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    Are you able to provide names of Travel Agent or Guides in Liberec who speak English and could help us with a tour?

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