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Having taken the late ferry from Piraeus to Sifnos, it was already pitch-dark when we reached Verina Astra Sifnos. Astra is the Greek word for stars. The hotel’s name made sense the minute we stepped foot on its terrace.

A glorious starry night was unfolding right before our stunned eyes on this blessed piece of land that knew no light pollution. The gentle lapping of the waves in the distance was the only sound that reached our ears. Before even stepping inside our spacious room, we already knew this would be a once-in-a-lifetime hotel experience.

People tend to use the word unique a lot, sometimes even for things that aren’t actually one-of-a-kind. Yet, Verina Astra Sifnos is indeed a unique boutique hotel in more ways than one. Keep reading to find out why.

This is a close-up of two chairs turned towards the rising sun with the Aegean Sea in the background.
Verina Astra Sifnos is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise in Sifnos

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Where Is Verina Astra Hotel

Verina Astra is one of the most beautiful luxury boutique hotels in Sifnos. Its exact location is Poulati, a peaceful area with unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea, a 30-minute walk from Artemonas Village. The latter is one of the quaintest villages in Sifnos with its picturesque churches, grand neoclassical mansions and beautiful gardens.

This is a close up of a whitewashed blue-domed church.
The picturesque village of Artemonas has many photogenic spots

A Few Words About Sifnos Island

An island of the Western Cyclades group in Greece, alongside Serifos, Milos and others, authentic Sifnos is known for its traditional architecture, spectacular sandy beaches, ancient crafts, and most of all, mouthwatering local cuisine.

If your idea of a Greek Island vacation involves cherished relaxing moments, breathtaking views of the sea, hiking amidst the natural beauty of the landscape and savouring delicious food, Sifnos might be the perfect place to plan your next summer holiday.

For more details, you can read our comprehensive guide to all the amazing things to do in Sifnos. Once you do, we’re sure you’ll add Sifnos to your Greek Island itineraries.

This photo shows Katerina posing in front of the Seven Martyrs Church. She is wearing a light blue floral top and she is looking towards the sea.
Sifnos is all about the relaxing moments

Why Stay at Verina Astra Sifnos

Aligning perfectly with the easy-going ambience of the island itself, Verina Astra Hotel feels like a true temple of serenity, a great place to unwind, leave all the pressure of everyday life behind and rejuvenate your mind and body, while taking in all the goodness of a gorgeous Greek Island.

Perched on the side of a steep hill overlooking the vastness of the Aegean Sea for as far as the eye can see and with glorious views of the island’s medieval castle, Verina Astra Hotel with its elegant complex of independent suites would be a valid reason to visit Sifnos in its own right even for its vistas alone.

But there’s so much more than just the panoramas. So, if you consider booking this boutique hotel in Sifnos, here’s our detailed review of what a stay at Verina Astra Sifnos feels like.

This image shows the infinity pool at Verina Astra Sifnos with a rising full moon at the background.
The breathtaking view of a rising full moon at Verina Astra


Verina Astra Sifnos features beautifully decorated spacious suites which have an atmosphere of small independent villas. Each suite is named after a constellation. Astra equals Stars, remember?

The interior design evokes feelings of utter relaxation and represents the epitome of Greek summer beauty. Minimalistic lines, earthy tones, natural materials and an extraordinary blend of traditional elements and retro touches create an inviting setting that screams nostalgia, sweet-scented summer moments and infallible aesthetics.

This is a close up of the desk area inside a suite. There's a Marshall radio and a sheet of paper with the Verina logo on it. In the background, the lush bed.
It’s all in the details

The impeccably clean suites are also beyond words comfortable. Every suite has an opulent sleeping area with a lush double bed and a splendid en suite bathroom.

This is a close up of a tap with running water and a stone wash basin.
Minimalistic ambience and earthy tones in the en-suite bathroom

Devoid of TV sets that could distract you from marvelling at the stunning views at every waking moment, all suites at Verina Astra Sifnos boast breathtaking vistas from their magnificent private terraces, thanks to the building’s orientation.

This is a photo of our room's terrace at Verina Astra Hotel. There is a big comfortable sofa with many cushions and a large wooden table.
The suites’ private terraces feature large tables and built-in sofas

As mentioned earlier, we arrived at Verina Astra Sifnos when it was already dark. We couldn’t resist sitting on our dreamy private terrace for a bit but, soon, exhaustion got the better of us. We went to sleep, unaware of the spectacle that would await us once the sun was up again.

This is a close up of the bed inside the room at Verina Astra Hotel.
The inviting sleeping area

The following morning, we opened our room door. Only then did we realise how fortunate we were to be staying at Verina Astra Sifnos. We could hardly believe our eyes as nothing came between us and the grandeur of the endless Aegean Sea. Although the view is superb any time of the day, it’s worth setting your alarm to watch the sunrise from your own terrace at least once. Please do it and you can thank us later.

This is an image of the sun rising over the Aegean Sea. In the foreground, the infinity pool of Verina Astra Sifnos.
Waking up to this spectacle is absolutely worth it


The Verina Astra complex is dominated by a beautiful infinity pool. It offers the best views of the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea, the Castle and the Church of Panagia Poulati Church as you swim in its waters.

This is a photo of Maria. She is inside the pool admiring the view of the sea beyond.
Enjoying the pool at Verina Astra

Enjoying an early morning swim with a view or a bottle of wine at the comfortable sofas in the pool area at sunset are among the memories we hold closest to our hearts from our stay at Verina Astra Sifnos.

This photo shows Katerina and Maria sitting on a poolside sofa with their backs turned on the camera. They are gazing at the sunset sky over the pool.
Sunset at Verina Astra Sifnos

As if the pool itself wasn’t relaxing enough, recently, a new wellness centre was added to the complex. Bostani Spa offers luxury spa treatments and massage sessions in a setting of unfathomable beauty, surrounded by a lush garden and with splendid sea views.

This image shows a massage bed with sea views.
The spa area boasts an impressive panoramic view
Photo Credit: ©Verina Hotels


Breakfast at Verina Astra Sifnos is an unparalleled experience in its own right. For the delicious sweet and savoury treats featured on the breakfast table, only the best locally sourced fresh ingredients are used. Some products grow in the hotel’s own garden. All the rest are sourced from independent suppliers in Sifnos and the surrounding islands in the Cyclades.

This is a close up of a breakfast spread on a table with sea views.
Breakfast with a view

But culinary delights don’t stop at the fantastic breakfast. The on-site Bostani Bar Restaurant, true to the gastronomic heritage of Sifnos Island, invites you to sample traditional dishes with a twist while enjoying dinner and drinks in a wonderful setting where fine dining walks hand in hand with simplicity.

This is a panoramic view of the outdoor seating area of Bostani Bar & Restaurant at dusk.
A memorable dinner under the stars
Photo Credit: ©Verina Hotels


We know it will be hard to leave your comfy suite, cosy terrace or the pool. But the island of Sifnos has a lot of treasures to explore. Staying at Verina Astra helps you unveil the island’s secrets in the most hassle-free and magical way.

First of all, if you love hiking, one of the best trails in Sifnos, the one that leads to the iconic Panagia Poulati Church and its secret cove that locals and visitors alike swear by, is right outside your doorstep. If you prefer to hike in the company of a local guide, hearing the island’s stories as you take in the charm of the surrounding environment along the way, the hotel can arrange that, too.

View to Panagia Poulati Church from Verina Astra Sifnos.
View of Panagia Poulati Church from Verina Astra

To delve into the distinct culture of Sifnos, you need to learn more about its two main traditions. Cooking and pottery making. Verina Astra Hotel can book you in the best cooking classes and pottery workshops, for a glimpse into recipes and crafts that have withstood the test of time.

This is a close up of revithada served in a small clay dish at Simos restaurant in Kamares.
Revithada is the signature dish of Sifnos

Verina Astra Hotel & Sustainability

By now, it must be clear why we love Verina Astra Sifnos so much as to decide to include it in our series of special boutique accommodations. Yet, no matter its beautiful suites, dreamlike infinity pool and incredible views, Verina Astra Sifnos would never have made it here if we didn’t share the same values. When it comes to tourism ethics and sustainability, Verina Astra Sifnos ticks all the boxes.

First of all, the hotel strives to be eco-friendly. Not just in theory but also in practice, by taking simple steps, such as encouraging the use of ceiling fans instead of air conditioning. Moreover, Verina Astra embraces the farm-to-table movement, thus actively supporting the local economies of Sifnos and the nearby Cyclades Islands.

This image shows a bottle of rose wine and two glasses with the Aegean Sea in the background.
Always happy to celebrate a sustainable travel business with a bottle of rose

Other Verina Hotels in Sifnos

Although Verina Astra is our favourite hotel in Sifnos, there are two more accommodation options in the Verina Hotels group. Situated on Platys Gialos, the largest beach in Sifnos, Verina Terra is a beautiful hotel set amidst ancient olive trees. It’s ideal for families and groups of friends as it features spacious apartments and suites for a multi-day vacation or short seaside break to remember.

This image shows a swimming pool area amidst olive trees.
An idyllic setting at Verina Terra
Photo Credit: ©Verina Hotels

On the other hand, Verina Villa is for those seeking absolute privacy. The entire stunning complex can be booked exclusively for your group. Located in Vathi, one of the most beautiful villages in Sifnos, Verina Villa consists of three separate buildings. It features a swimming pool and a private tennis court among other luxury facilities.

This image shows the terrace at Verina Villa. There are large sofa beds with cushions.
Who wouldn’t dream of dozing off in a snug sofa bed on the terrace of Verina Villa?
Photo Credit: ©Verina Hotels

Book Your Stay at Verina Astra Sifnos

If you’re looking for a boutique stay on a Greek Island that not many know of, look no further. We hope this Verina Astra Sifnos review gave you a taste of this extraordinary accommodation. To learn more, browse the hotel’s official website.

When you are ready to book your stay at Verina Astra Sifnos, click here to find the best deals for your dates and let the island and the hotel take you on a blissful journey.

This image shows the infinity pool and the suites at Verina Astra Sifnos at sunset.
We can’t wait to go back to this divine tranquillity, will you join us?

IMAGES: Katerina

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